Number of confirmed dead from Danube crash now at 13

Thirteen people have now been found dead after tourist boat Hableany (aka Mermaid) collided with cruise ship Viking Sigyn, causing the former to sink within seconds. Seven South Koreans survived, all of whom were on the upper observation deck. Fifteen people remain missing, presumed dead.

The Adam Clark floating crane boat, capable of 200-ton lifts, was expected to arrive on Thursday June 6th.

Divers found a body in the wreck on June 5th, bringing the known death toll to 13.

The incident occurred on the Danube River in Budapest, near the Magrit Bridge, on the evening of May 29th in bad weather and fast-flowing waters. Crews from South Korea and Hungary yesterday were preparing to secure the vessel to prevent any loss of bodies, before raising the vessel later this week.

Questions have been raised about the high amount of traffic on the Danube at the time and whether there should be a tightening of water traffic regulations.

The 64-year-old captain of the Viking Sigyn, who is a Ukrainian citizen, was arrested last Thursday following questioning. The court has ordered that he be detained for a period of 30 days, pending prosecution. He has consistently denied that he was responsible for the collision.