Novamar offers a policy for US-flagged yachts navigating Cuban waters

US citizens with an approved reason to travel to Cuba can now do so, provided the proper permits have been applied for and issued, via program insurer Novamar, which has specialized in marine and yacht insurance since 1987

The company offers a policy for US-flag yachts navigating Cuban waters. Most vessels $50,000 in value or greater are eligible for coverage..

“People are interested in seeing Cuba before it changes,” said Craig Chamberlain, President of Novamar. “We’re delighted to make it possible for people to fulfill this lifelong dream with less risk.”

The limit on the stay is 14 days. But if the boat breaks down in Cuba and can’t return to the US under its own power, and needs additional time for repairs, coverage can be extended.

Novamar’s said that its insurance program was placed with a US insurance company, meaning that insureds enjoy state insurance department protections regarding company financial security and claims handling.

Coverage can be added by endorsement to existing Novamar policies.