Norwegian Hull club introduces ‘digital claim statement’

Norwegian Hull Club has launched a digital claims statement which it said reinforced its service concept while further enabling its Claims Department to handle the claims process in the most professional and efficient way possible

“Claim Statement.” joins The Club’s existing digital initiatives – Survey Platform, Remote Survey, and War Web.

War Web and Claim Statement are both available for use by registered clients and brokers via The Club’s log-in page at

Aage Solberg, Chief Claims Officer at Norwegian Hull Club, said: “Our vision is to improve the claims process, from notification to payment. With Claim Statement, efficiency and transparency are significantly improved thanks to an always-up-to-date status of a claim, complete with surveyor and adjuster comments.”

He added: “Ultimately, this will result in swifter payments on account and final settlements of claims which are led by The Club.”

More details at: