North of England Club warns on spoofing email

North of England Club has warned that a spoofing email claiming to be sent from North was circulated on October 24th to a number of correspondents worldwide.

The scam email purports to be from a North P&I Club employee with the subject heading ‘UK (Newcastle) Office’. It requested correspondents to provide details of any outstanding payments and/or invoices owed.

The email comes from the domain:, which appears once you have clicked reply to the email. The spoof email contains the following text:


Can you confirm to me the status of your outstanding payments if there are any. Please get back to us at the earliest with total amount outstanding with corresponding due dates and copy of invoices preferably.

Your immediate response will be highly appreciated.

North emphasized that the email was not genuine and did not originate from North. “We have been made aware that similar emails may have also been sent out portraying to be from other clubs too”, said North.

The Club said that there has been no data security breach at North P&I, but that anyone receiving unsolicited emails of this nature from the Club should treat them with caution and should double-check the sender details and telephone numbers.

Any emails received from the domain should be immediately deleted and disregarded.