North emphasizes importance of safety procedures

North P&I Club has delivered a presentation to the Merchant Marine Academy in Hydra, Greece, emphasizing the importance of safety procedures and the human element in avoiding maritime casualties. Tony Allen, Director (Greece), Gordon Robertson, Deputy Director (Greece) and Captain Dev Lajmi, Senior Claims Executive gave the presentation, focusing on Maritime Casualties that became “Game Changers’. These events led to significant changes in oil pollution and environmental legislation, as well as the introduction of the ISM Code for safer practices and procedures at sea.

The Torrey Canyon incident in 1967 and the Herald of Free Enterprise disaster in 1987 were analyzed, addressing the importance of following the proper safety procedures and risk assessments, as well as the right attitude and approach from crew.

North’s director Tony Allen said: “Good seamanship is not just about following procedures, but also employing common sense and judgement, and when it comes to maritime casualties, the right crew with the right attitude and safety culture has a vital role to play. Year after year, the Academy here in Hydra produces cadets of the highest quality who will go on to play leading roles in Greek shipping and it was a pleasure to discuss this vitally important issue with them.”

North P&I Club opened its office in Piraeus in 2000, where it now employs 13 staff. Greek owners and operators currently account for around 20% of North’s entered tonnage.