New service developed for assessing under-keel clearance

A new digital test service from EU-funded project EfficienSea2 could make it easier for mariners to assess how tidal level and weather affect their plans to pass through challenging passageways where shallow water poses a risk. Initially the service will cover the Sound between Sweden and Denmark.

The new digital test service combines detailed bathymetry, constantly updated tidal tables and weather reports to show ‘comfort zones’ and ‘no-go areas’ for vessels with different draughts. The service can be accessed on both computers and tablets by those with a login to the web platform BalticWeb.

Christopher Saarnak, Project Leader for EfficienSea2 and Chief Adviser at the Danish Maritime Authority, said that “It is all about making life more efficient for the navigator so that he or she can focus on manoeuvring the vessel. Rather than asking them to combine data from sea charts, tidal tables, weather forecasts and the vessel’s draught, all while navigating the ship, our service would offer a way to do it automatically. In the end, it could free up valuable time for the crew.” 

The data for the service is delivered by the Danish Meteorological Institute, the Danish Geodata Agency and the Swedish Maritime Administration. The service is being delivered to BalticWeb through the MCP – previously known as the Maritime Cloud – which makes it possible for other nations to make their own bathymetric, weather and tidal data more readily available for use in similar services.