New navigational directive at Chittagong Port

The Chittagong Port Authority (CPA) has issued a new directive aimed at improving navigational safety in the port, reports American Club. In response to a rising number of navigational incidents, accidents and near-misses in recent years, particularly in the Chittagong outer anchorage, caused by ever-increasing maritime traffic in the area, the local authority has established new regulations and recommendations which, effective October 1st, state that:

1.     The agent of any vessel with a draft of more than 9.5 metres must notify the CPA outer anchorage cell at least three days prior to proceeding to Chittagong outer anchorage. Permission to proceed will be subject to the availability of suitable sea room and the bathymetry (depth and extent of water) at the anchorage.

2.     Pilotage is highly recommended for vessels having a draft in excess of 9.5 metres, and is also recommended for all other vessels manoeuvring within the Chittagong outer anchorage area.

3.     Chittagong Port Radio will guide the vessels with a draft of more than 9.5 metres to an anchorage suitable for the vessel in question.

4.     The CPA outer anchorage cell will monitor and guide vessel movements. It will also supervise the voluntary pilotage service at the Chittagong outer anchorage area.