New loss prevention guidance from Bureau Veritas, TMC Marine and the London P&I Club

Casualty and salvage specialist TMC Marine, London P&I Club and Bureau Veritas have teamed up again to address risk in shipping, focusing this time on better on-board systems to meet the requirements of the ISM Code’s Safety Management Systems.

TMC Marine has been a Bureau Veritas Group Company since 2016.

The new publication focuses on systemic failures on board ships in response to a global trend of increases in system deficiencies related to the requirements of the International Safety Management (ISM) code.

It was noted that systemic failures and deficiencies could lead to ship detention by port state control, to pollution, or, at worst, to injuries and fatalities.

Laurent Leblanc, Marine Operations Vice President, Bureau Veritas, said that “increasingly marine casualties, incidents and risk are related to on-board systems and safety management. The data and our experience shows this very clearly. For example, how many times have we read an example of an enclosed space incident where one, two or more seafarers have lost their lives? The approaches detailed in this guidance can help prevent accidents and the associated human, environmental and economic damage and losses.”

London P&I Club Loss Prevention Manager Carl Durow said that “the ISM code and its proper application is in many cases the yardstick against which the quality of an operation is measured. The Club’s Loss Prevention activities are in part focused on procedural compliance and it is hoped that this joint publication will assist our members to avoid incidents caused by systemic failures.”

The first booklet in the ‘Reducing the Risk’ series, Reducing the Risk of Liquefaction, was published in March 2017, and the second, Reducing the Risk of Propulsion Loss was released in September 2017.