Nate moves inland; ports reopening

Vessel traffic and port operations at New Orleans resumed during the afternoon of Sunday October 8th, without restriction, according to the US Coast Guard. It warned about shoaling, storm debris, and other possible hazards after Hurricane Nate moved inland as a tropical storm on Sunday October 8th.

In Alabama, the port of Mobile remained closed on Sunday, with no reopening date officially set, although there was no reported damage to the terminal or port. The Mobile navigation channel could remain shut until Tuesday because of rough conditions.

About 18 oil tankers remained sheltered on Sunday along the Mississippi River near New Orleans, half of them loaded with crude or refined products. Several container ships and cruise ships were also waiting for the port to allow disembarking.

Oil ports, producers and refineries in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama had shut down ahead of Hurricane Nate, halting a significant proportion of US production and refinery capacity. Nate forced the closure of more than three times to volume of GoM production than did Harvey. In the Gulf of Mexico on Sunday, 92.5% of oil output remained shut.

Chevron Corp and Royal Dutch Shell on Sunday began to assess facilities and restore oil output in the Gulf of Mexico, including platforms, pipelines and terminals. Chevron said it was assessing the impact of Nate on the 340,000-bpd Pascagoula refinery in Mississippi.

About 1.62m bpd of oil and 2.5bn cubic feet per day of natural gas output was still offline on Sunday at 298 evacuated offshore platforms.