Mystery yacht was January focus of investigation into NordStream bombing

Danish police confirmed that, like their German counterparts, they had been searching for a yacht potentially linked to the attack last year on the NordStream pipelines.

Denmark has turned its main attention to a tiny Baltic Sea island near the Nord Stream pipeline blast sites, the local administrator said on Thursday.

German authorities confirmed on Wednesday they had raided a ship in January that might have been used to transport explosives used to blow up the pipelines.

Soren Thiim Andersen, lead administrator of the small Danish island of Christiansö, told Reuters that “the police were searching for a specific boat that moored here in September”.

Christiansö is part of a small archipelago that is about 18km northeast of the Baltic Sea island of Bornholm. The archipelago has just 98 inhabitants. It is a former naval fortress, and remains under the administration of the Danish defence ministry.

The Danish police in January searched for information about boats that had docked on Christiansö on September 16th to 18th. They had interviewed local residents, collected CCTV footage from the harbour, and taken away information from the harbour ticket machine, Andersen said.