MSC Gayane’s containers transferred to other ships

The bulk of the remaining containers on board the MSC Gayane, which was seized in a drugs bust by Customs and Border Protection in the Port of Philadelphia on June 17th, have been transferred to other MSC vessels, reported Switzerland-based Mediterranean Shipping Co (MSC) on Tuesday July 9th. A small number of containers remained behind.

“MSC is assisting and cooperating in any possible way with the authorities and is not the target of the investigation,” the company said.

Despite the seizure of the MSC Gayane, MSC said that its service was “functioning normally and all other MSC services are calling at US ports as usual.”

MSC said its Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) certification was “temporarily suspended” by CBP following the drug interdiction on board the MSC Gayane. “We are actively seeking to assure the authorities that our certification can be reinstated as soon as possible,” MSC said, adding that “notwithstanding this temporary status, MSC continues to comply with all the requirements of the C-TPAT programme and security criteria for ocean carriers including, but not limited to, the screening of customers, maintaining container and vessel security, and the vetting of employees, agents and business partners in accordance with C-TPAT requirements”.