Moore to retire from American Club after 45 years in the industry

American Club has stated that, after “45 years of sterling service to the maritime industry, 30 of them spent at SCB in a variety of roles”, Don Moore would be retiring from his position as the Managers’ Global Claims Director at the end of June.

Moore began his career in the maritime services sector as an average adjuster. The Club’s managers intend to retain Moore’s services on a consultancy basis after his retirement.

The Club’s managers SCB said that, “given the expanding ambit of service needs to the Club’s growing constituencies across the world, it has been decided that, following Don’s retirement, the global claims supervisory role will be reshaped into a binary position”

Joanna Koukouli, the Managers’ Deputy Global Claims Director, and Molly McCafferty, currently the Managers’ Director of Claims for the Americas, will jointly serve as Co-Global Claims Directors.

Koukouli, based in Piraeus, Greece, was originally appointed as Deputy Global Claims Director just over three years ago. She has more than 20 years’ industry experience.

Based in New York, McCafferty has been Director of Claims for the Americas since September 2020.