Military confrontations ease in Hodeidah

Military confrontations have eased in Hodeidah, pending a political deal that would bring the rebels out of the city and hand over the port to a neutral UN-controlled body, reports GAC Yemen.

The port of Hodeidah is currently open and operational As of June 27th there were six ships secured to berth, four ships at anchorage and three ships expected.

Open/operational ports in Yemen:

·       Aden,

·       Mukalla,

·       Ash Shihr Oil Exporting Terminal,

·       Nishtun,

·       Hodeidah,

·       Saleef

Closed ports:

·       Balhaf LNG Terminal,

·       Mokha,

·       Ras Isa Marine Terminal (FSO)

·       Ras Isa Petroleum Products Reception Facility