Meranti fall-out continues with containership aground, leaking

Containership Gang Tai Tai Zhou dragged anchor and ran aground as a result of super typhoon Meranti, which hit southern China shortly after skirting Taiwan. The ship was pushed aground on the  southwest tip of Kinmen island sticking hard at the rocks on the port side.

All the crew remained on board during the grounding.

The vessel’s hull appears to be damaged in several places, with breaches below the water line. Heavy fuel leaked from several tanks and was causing water pollution. Salvage is not yet underway, with the vessel yet to be assessed for seaworthiness.

An emergency environmental plan was activated. The vessel was surrounded by oil booms, stopping any spread of the oil spot.

Gang Tai Tai Zhou has an overall length of 241m It has 44,585 DWT and  42,323 GRT. It was built in 1994; its owner and operator is China-based Hongshend Gangtai.

Meanwhile, product tanker Heng Yu 9 was pushed aground by super typhoon Meranti in Quanzhou Bay on September 15th, loaded with 6,000 tons of naphtha. The vessel was refloated the following day with the help of salvage tugs and taken Quanzhou oil terminal for the offloading of the naphtha. The tanker had been en route to Ningbo but local authorities ordered the discharge as a precaution.