MASS – HFW reports on latest developments – “The Future Is Now” – Part Two

Sector-focused global law firm HFW has released an interesting update and summary on current developments in the field of autonomous shipping, in which it can be hard to keep up with the disparate technological and regulatory changes throughout the world.

Here are a few more of the initiatives noted this year.

Avikus’ HiNAS 2.0:

HiNAS 2.0 is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based navigation system developed by Avikus that can assist with collision avoidance and optimal route and speed decisions. The system has been installed on LNG tanker Prism Courage. In August 2022 Avikus “succeeded in commercialising the industry’s first phase 2 autonomous navigation solution for commercial vessels” by securing contracts for the installation of HiNAS 2.0 on 23 ocean-going vessels. The vessels include containerships and LNG carriers that are currently under construction. The installation is scheduled to commence in 2023 and the company has also revealed plans to develop an autonomous system for recreational boating.

The first version of HiNAS assisted the navigator by providing information in limited visibility conditions, such as at night or in sea fog. The system’s infrared cameras could be used to supply information on the location and speed of potential obstacles. The second version automatically detects objects around the vessel and her route for collision avoidance purposes. Avikus’ CEO Dohyeong Lim, has stated that the company will, “in the future, strive to equip all large ships in the world with HiNAS 2.0 by obtaining approval from various shipping associations and countries”.