Marshall Islands Safety Notice

The Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) Flag Administration has issued Marine Safety Advisory No. 03-23 concerning a marine casualty that resulted in the injury of two crew members of the Jiangyin Wolong model “JY40KR” rescue boat.

The RMI identified that, during a planned safety drill, the release hook support post of a rescue boat failed as the ship’s rescue boat was being lowered to the water with two crew members onboard, resulting in the crew members falling into the water from a height of nine metres.

The RMI investigation revealed that corrosion had resulted in significant deterioration to the lower end of the support post for the boat’s release hook. The lower side of the release hook support post was below the deck and only visible following removal of a portable fuel tank.

The RMI recommended that Owners, Operators and Master of the RMI vessels fitted with “Jiangyin Wolong model JY40KR” rescue boats thoroughly inspect the release hook and entire support post system, including mounting hardware, for any signs of deterioration.

Further to the RMI recommendations, Steamship Mutual advised all Members to bring to the attention of Masters and ship staff the RMI’s relevant Marine Safety Advisory and to ensure that the weekly and monthly inspections of life-saving appliances are carried out as required by the SOLAS convention. This should include thorough inspections of the lifting arrangements for all onboard lifeboats and rescue boats, with specific emphasis on hidden or hard to access components.