Maritime drug smuggling In Brazil: Britannia

Britannia Club has noted that Brazil’s strategic position in South America, with an extensive coastline and numerous ports, renders it a prime choice for drug trafficking organisations seeking to transport illicit drugs to European, North American, and other markets around the world. The Club noted that the use of maritime ships for drug smuggling in Brazil was a “complex and evolving problem as smugglers employ a variety of ships and tactics to conduct their illegal trade”.

Unfortunately, said the Club “the discovery of illicit drugs on board can put the crew in a very difficult situation. It is therefore important that shipowners demonstrate due diligence and take appropriate measures to prevent drugs being brought on board their ships”.

Brazilian P&I correspondent Proinde has published information on maritime cocaine trafficking in Brazil, highlighting the main drug trafficking routes in Brazil. Britannia said that shipowners should implement preventive measure when calling in these areas.

Another Brazilian correspondent has issued guidance because of the increase of smuggling of narcotics on board ships in Brazil, which highlights some useful precautionary measures to be taken while operating in Brazilian waters.