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Marine round-up : 26th March 2024

Cruise ship Carnival Freedom (IMO 9333149) suffered a funnel fire, apparently caused by a lightning strike, during the afternoon of March 24th while it was sailing in stormy weather 20 miles off Eleuthera Island, Bahamas. The fire was in the portside of the ship’s whale-tail funnel. The captain advised all but essential safety personnel to stay away from all open decks. There were no injuries. The crew brought the fire under control fairly quickly and eventually were able to extinguish it, although a part of the funnel fell onto the open deck. The ship was heading to Freeport, having cancelled a call at Princess Cay because of the bad weather. There were no operational issues with the ship’s systems and the ship berthed in Freeport safely.

2007-built, Panama-flagged, 110,556 gt Carnival Freedom is owned by Carnival Cruise Line and managed by Carnival Corp, both of Doral, Florida, USA. It is entered with UK Club, Steamship Mutual and Gard. As of March 25th it was en route to Cape Canaveral, Florida, ETA March 25th.

An Italian civil court in the southern Italian city of Crotone has overturned the arrest of migrant rescue vessel Humanity 1 (IMO 7427518). The judge said in his March 18th preliminary assessment that the authorities’ claim, that the ship had violated rules relating to the rescue of migrant boats in the Mediterranean, was not correct. The ship had arrived in the port of Crotone after rescuing 77 migrants. It was promptly detained for 20 days. The crew of the Humanity 1 had said that they had helped migrants in distress on three boats off Libya and Tunisia. SOS Humanity said that helpers and refugees were threatened with armed force by the Libyan Coastguard. Scenes of chaos ensued and one person drowned. A final hearing in the process is scheduled for mid-April.

1976-built, Germany-flagged, 1,105 gt Humanity 1 is owned and managed by SOS Humanity of Berlin, Germany. ISM manager is Helios Ship Management GmbH of Hamburg, Germany. As of March 23rd it was listed as “Stopped” at Augusta, Sicily, Italy.

The “People’s Committee” in Quang Nam Province, Vietnam, said on March 13th that the process of salvaging chemical tanker King Rich (IMO 8920139) from the Cu Lao Cham beach must take place in line with the previously announced schedule and that it must avoid any environmental pollution. It has sent a document to relevant agencies and units on monitoring and coordinating the salvage process. The Committee assigned various organizations to inspect and supervise the salvos Vietnam National Marine Co. The tanker was spotted adrift off Cu Lao Cham island during the morning of December 1st and ran aground half an hour later, near Bai Huong village. There were no crew members on board and the bow was damaged. It was reported to be in danger of sinking.

1990-built, Sierra Leone-flagged, 7,916 gt King Rich is owned by Kindom Co Ltd care of manager Green Ship Management Ltd of Kaohsiung City, Taiwan.

The controversy surrounding the disappearance of a woman from Spanish state-owned research / survey vessel Garcia del Cid (IMO 7523362) shows no sign of going away. Carmen Fernández Vázquez, a waitress on the vessel, went missing last September while the ship was carrying out an oceanographic campaign within a European project coordinated by the Institute of Marine Sciences (ICM) of the CSIC in Barcelona (IMN, October 20th 2023 and other dates). The emergency services learned of the disappearance of Vázquez during the morning of September 10th. She had last been seen by a member of the crew was on the night of September 9th. However, the Valencia Court referred the case to the Spanish Civil Guard, after which there was a long silence. The woman’s family has continued its campaign for answers. The woman had made a complaint of sexual harassment in 2019. That case was dismissed in 2020. The person accused in 2019 was also working on the vessel. The government has now said, in response to questions raised in parliament, that when the disappearance occurred the person initially reported was not on the ship. The Government said that the CSIC had carried out its own internal investigation of the events in accordance with the existing rules. However, there has been silence on the actual case. The woman vanished, and still no-one knows how or why. The family and, now, opposition parliamentary parties, continue to pressurize the government on the matter. As of March 19th the vessel was moored at Barcelona.

1979-built, Spain-flagged, 309 gt Garcia Del Cid is owned and managed by the Spanish government. As of March 21st it was moored at Barcelona.