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Marine round-up : 25th March 2024

At least nine people were killed when the Keoyoung Sun (IMO 9146924) sank off Japan last week, South Korea’s foreign ministry said on March 21st. Two South Korean nationals were among the dead. The Japanese coastguard has rescued an Indonesian crew member, but said that another member of the crew of 11 was still missing. The tanker had been anchored because of bad weather. It requested assistance after 07:00 on Wednesday, saying it was tilting over. The tanker was carrying 980 tonnes of acrylic acid, but no spillage has been detected.

1996-built, South Korea-flagged, 870 gt Keoyoung Sun is owned and managed by Keoyoung Shipping Co of Busan, South Korea. As of March 19th the vessel was underway off Hirohata. It is entered with Korea P&I Club on behalf of Keo Young Shipping Co Ltd.

Fishing vessel Kapitan Lobanov (IMO 7643887) sank off the coast of the Russian Baltic enclave of Kaliningrad on March 19th when near Pionersky, after being struck by mistake by a Russian Navy missile. Three crew members were killed and four injured crew members were recovered from the sea by another vessel. The missile that hit the trawler was fired during a Baltic Fleet exercise… The trawler’s crew members were about to go to bed when a rocket hit the captain’s cabin. Another missile fell into fishing nets near the industrial vessel of the MRTK company, which was located not far from the trawler.

Horizon Terminal Services and SSA Atlantic LLC were reported to have reached settlements with the firefighters suing them over injuries they suffered in the fire aboard car carrier Hoegh Xiamen (IMO 9431848) on June 4th 2020, at Blount Island, near Jacksonville, Florida, USA (IMN June 8th, June 9th, 2020 and subsequent dates). That would leave Hoegh Autoliners and Grimaldi Deep Sea SPA as the two remaining defendants. As part of the initial response to the fire at least 10 firefighters were injured when there was an explosion near the stairwell they were in. The fire teams immediately withdrew. It took more than 150 firefighters over a week to put out the fire. In January 2024 the judge denied motions from all four defendants for a summary judgment. They had argued that the cause of the ship fire was undetermined. In denying that motion, the judge ruled that there was sufficient evidence that the fire had started in a car that was improperly screed and loaded on the ship. The firefighters have dropped their claims for economic damages. The remaining defendants will go to trial on April 4th.

2010-built, Norway-flagged, 47,232 gt Hoegh Xiamen is owned by OCY Xiamen Ltd care of manager Höegh Autoliners Management AS of Oslo, Norway. ISM manager is Höegh Technical Management-Philippines of Manila, Philippines. At the time of the accident it was entered with Gard P&I Club on behalf of OCY Xiamen Ltd. It was entered for H&M with Norwegian Hull Club as claims leader on behalf of Höegh Autoliners Management AS.

Migrant rescue ship Geo Barents (IMO 9252503) arrived in Marina di Carrara, Liguria, Italy on March 20th with 249 migrants on board. After it had berthed it was detained for 20 days for not having observed the instructions of the Libyan Coastguard on March 16th , and having put the rescued people in danger. The captain of the Geo Barents was accused of not having gone to the nearest safe port assigned.

2007-built, Norway-flagged, 4,979 gt Geo Barents is owned by Uksnoy Barents care of manager Uksnoy & Co AS of Aalesund, Norway. It is entered with Gard P&I on behalf of Uksnoy Barents KS.