Marine notice from the Australian Maritime Safety Authority

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) has issued a direction for cruise vessels to limit sulphur emissions while at berth in Sydney Harbour.

From December 2016, cruise vessels capable of accommodating more than 100 passengers and at berth in Sydney Harbour will be issued with a Direction by AMSA. The Direction will require the vessel to limit sulphur emissions by using low sulphur fuel or an alternative measure that achieves an equivalent outcome, specifically:

A. using fuel with a sulphur content not exceeding 0.1% mass per cent concentration (0.1% m/m);

B. using an exhaust gas cleaning system, certified and approved in accordance with the International Maritime Organization Guidelines for Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems 2015;

C. using a power source external to the vessel;

D. using a combination of any of the above measures.

The limit on sulphur emissions will apply from one hour after the vessel’s arrival at berth until one hour before the vessel’s departure. The Direction will have effect for all of the vessel’s berthing activities within the port for a period of two years, and the penalties for not complying with Directions are substantial.

‘Cruise vessel’ means a vessel not having a cargo deck, designed exclusively for carriage of over 100 passengers in overnight accommodation.

Meanwhile, AMSA also reminded interested parties that Marine Order 32 (Cargo Handling Equipment) and Marine Order 34 (Solid Bulk Cargos) have been updated and came into effect from January 1st.