Marine accident round-up : 8th November 2018

The lighthouse at Remmargrund, Sweden, with which passenger ship Regal Star (IMO 9087116) allided on October 30th, has now been inspected. The lighthouse will be replaced by a temporary firelight, and a new ViVa station has been set up. Divers found the foundation to be stable, but that the tower and other parts above the water surface needed to be replaced.  1999-built, Estonia-flagged, 15,412 gt Regal Star is owned by Helsingi Line care of AS Tallink Grupp of Tallinn, Estonia. ISM manager is HT Shipmanagement OU of Tallinn, Estonia. It is entered with Assuranceforeningen Gard – gjensidig on behalf of Tallinn-Helsinki Line Ltd. Gard AS is claims leader for Hull & Machinery and Loss of Hire on behalf of AS Tallink Group.

The port side anchor of general cargo ship Hala (IMO 9053830) slackened and struck the vessel’s bow while preparing to depart the port of Igoumenitsa, northwestern Greece on November 1st. The bow sustained a small rupture to the hull, resulting in a controlled ingress of water into a foredeck bulkhead. The Port Authority of Igoumenitsa detained the vessel until the hull was repaired and a certificate of seaworthiness was issued. 1995-built, Comoros-flagged, 4,927 gt Hala is owned by Hala Enterprises SA care of manager Cedar Marine Services SAL of Tripoli, Lebanon.

The documents of three crew members of general cargo ship Erna Oldendorff (IMO 9717670) have been handed over to the Yamaguchi District Public Prosecutors Office. The seafarers face charges on negligence as a result of the vessel’s allision with Oshima Bridge, Japan on October 22nd. The captain was reported to have admitted that he was unable to verify the height of the bridge before the collision. He supposedly asked the second mate to confirm the measurement, but it was too late to avert the allision. Erna Oldendorff  allided with the bridge shortly after midnight on October 22nd. The radar mast on the bridge was damaged. Oshima Bridge remained open to traffic but a broken water pipe under the bridge left thousands of islanders without a water supply. TV and internet cables were also damaged. 2016-built, Malta-flagged, 25,431 gt Erna Oldendorff is owned and managed by Oldendorff Carriers GmbH & Co of Lübeck, Germany. It is entered with Gard P&I (Bermuda) on behalf of Oldendorff Carriers GmbH & Co.

Stormy seas pushed cement carrier Fjordvik (IMO 7423249) onto the breakwater in Helguvik, Iceland, forcing the salvors to abandon their work aboard during the afternoon of November 6th because swells were flooding the main deck. About 80 tons of fuel had already been pumped from the ship’s tanks. About 20 tonnes more were in tanks that the salvors could not access. A survey of the ship indicated that no oil had leaked, with the oil spill that was seen on the ship’s side had originated from lubricating oil from the engine room. Fjordvik originally grounded/collided into the rocks that form the breakwater wall on the outside of the Port of Helguvik shortly after midnight on November 3rd. The vessel was being controlled by the pilot at the time. 1976-built, Bahamas-flagged, 3,091 gt Fjordvik is owned by Aalborg Pearl Shipping Ltd care of manager SMT Shipmanagement & Transport Gdynia Ltd Sp zoo of Sopot, Poland. ISM manager is SMT Cement of the same address. It is entered with Standard Club (European division) on behalf of Fjordvik Shipping Ltd.

Container ship Mito Strait (IMO 9319571) ran aground three miles north of Æblø on November 5th while en route from Hamburg to Fredericia, Her rudder and propellers were damaged, preventing her from sailing under her own power. There was also suspicion of a leak in the hull as a small amount of diesel had spilled. The damaged tank was thought to have been nearly empty. A Navy anti-pollution vessel, Marie Miljø, was mobilized to the site. The initial plan was to tow Mito Strait at slow speed to Fredericia on November 7th to offload the containers, and then to take it for repairs to the Fayard Yard at Lindø. After the grounding, shipping company Carsten Rehder had divers in the water on November 6th to check the damage to the bottom of the container ship. Cracks and bumps in the bottom of the ship were detected. Marie Miljø will follow Mito Strait for the entire tow. What will happen to the ship when the containers have been lifted has not yet been confirmed. Any plan will need to be accepted by the Danish Armed Forces in consultation with the Danish Maritime Authority. 2006-built, Antigua & Barbuda-flagged, 9,910 gt Mito Strait is owned by Mito Strait GmbH & Co KG care of manager Carsten Rehder Schiffsmakler und Reederei GmbH & Co KG, of Hamburg, Germany. It is entered with Gard P&I on behalf of MS Winchester Strait GmbH & Co. KG. Hull & Machinery is led by Gard AS.

Three containers fell from container ship Charlotte Maersk (IMO 9245744) while she was docked at the Panama Ports Company Balboa Container Terminal in Panama City on November 6th. Two crashed onto the foreship of tanker Kollum (IMO 9260380) which was moored alongside for bunkering. The third container fell into the water. Charlotte Maersk had arrived at Panama City the same day, from Lazaro Cardenas. The bunker tanker sustained some damage but no one was injured. 2002-built, Denmark-flagged, 92,198 gt Charlotte Maersk is owned and managed by Maersk Line AS of Copenhagen, Denmark. It is entered with Britannia Club on behalf of Maersk Line AS.

2003-built, Panama-flagged, 4,814 gt Kollum is owned by Thun Alice BV care of manager Erik Thun AB of Lidkoping, Sweden. ISM manager is VT Shipping International of Panama City, Panama. It is entered with Shipowners’ Club on behalf of Optima Compania De Seguros.