Marine accident round-up : 7th May 2021

Bulk carrier Berge Yotei (IMO 9866691) suffered a fire and explosion early on May 2nd that put the vessel temporarily out of action and caused it to drift. The vessel had been heading from Argentina to Marsden Point New Zealand with a cargo of soy, ETA May 22. By May 3rd some power was restored and the vessel had headed to port. As of May 6th the vessel had arrived at Talcahuano, Chile.

2020-built, Isle of Man-flagged, 35,752 gt Berge Yotei is owned by Berge Yotei Co Inc care of manager Berge Bulk Maritime Pte Ltd of Singapore. It is entered with Gard P&I on behalf of Berge Yotei Co Inc. For H&M it is entered with Gard AS on behalf of Berge Bulk Singapore Pte Ltd

A man has died on May 4th after falling from suezmax crude oil tanker Bordeira (IMO 9529499) in the Bay of Algeciras, Spain. The ship at the time was undergoing a crew change outside the anchorage of the port. One of the three people who were going to disembark fell into the sea and became hooked on the ladder. Salvamento Marítimo was notified and mobilized SAR boat Salvamar Denébola and auxiliary boat Luz de Mar to the scene. However, it was the pilot boat from the port of Algeciras which finally recovered the man, who was conscious, but suffering from hypothermia and a broken arm. He was taken by ambulance to the Punta Europa hospital in Algeciras, where sadly, for some reason, he did not survive. The tanker entered the port of Algeciras for an inspection and investigation. It subsequently headed for Gibraltar, ETA the afternoon of May 6th.

2013-built, Malta-flagged, 81,380 gt Bordeira is owned by Arabella Owning Co Ltd care of manager TMS Tankers Ltd of Athens, Greece. It is entered with Gard P&I on behalf of Arabella Owning Co Ltd.

General cargo ship Amoenitas (IMO 9505510) was loaded with dozens of containers full of hazardous materials in the port of Beirut, all of which were a hangover from last August’s devastating explosion. It was ready to sail for Germany on May 4th. Germany-based Combi Lift was given the job of removing dangerous substances from the port. The last of 59 containers was lifted on to the ship on April 30th, their contents to be disposed of in Germany. The project has cleared the port of all toxic, cancerous, flammable and highly reactive chemicals that had been stored in the port for many years. The German company had expected to need only 49 containers to clear the  port of hazmats, but ended up handling more than 75, of which 59 will be shipped. The remainder would be disposed of in Beirut, using safe and environmentally sound procedures. Hydrochloric acid made up 60% of the chemicals Combi Lift came across.

As of May 6th the vessel was underway from Beirut to Wilhelmshaven.

2010-built, Antigua and Barbuda-flagged, 11,473 gt Amoenitas is owned by Palanpur GmbH care of Harren Ship Management of Bremen, Germany. It is entered with Gard P&I on behalf of Harren & Partner Schiffahrts GmbH & Co. KG MS “PALANPUR”. Claims leader for loss of hire and H&M is Norwegian Hull Club, on behalf of Harren Shipping Services GmbH.

Crude oil tanker Varzuga (IMO 7500401), which was understood to be unmanned and on tow to Aliaga scrapyard in Turkey, broke loose from its towline during the afternoon of May 4th in English Channel north of Cherbourg France. The tanker was taken on tow by French SAR ship Abeille Liberte, with assisting tugs Christos XXIV (IMO 7041625) and Mustang and towed inshore, west of Le Havre. As of early May 5th the caravan was moving slowly in an area west of Le Havre, apparently fixing problems in order to resume towage. The Christos XXIV had apparently been towing the vessel from Murmansk, Russia, since April 17th to Aliaga, Turkey, with an ETA of May 26th. The tanker’s AIS had been off since December 2020. As of May 6th the Christos XXIV was still between Le Havre and Cherbourg.

1977-built, Russia-flagged, 11,290 gt Varzuga is owned and managed by Murmansk Shipping Co of Murmansk, Russia.

A crew member of self-discharging bulk carrier CSL Reliance (IMO 9233404) was injured in a fall on board on May 5th and needed to be medevaced. South Australian paramedics responded with helicopters and safely hoisted the victim in remote seas in the Great Australian Bight. He was taken to shore for further treatment. The ship was en route from Thevenard to Melbourne at the time. As of May 6th the vessel was moored in Melbourne.

2002-built, Bahamas-flagged, 28,136 gt CSL Reliance is owned by Hull 2227 Shipping Ltd care of manager CSL Americas of Middleton, MA, USA. ISM manager is CSL Australia Pty Ltd of Sydney, Australia. It is entered with Britannia on behalf of Hull 2227 Shipping Ltd.

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