Marine accident round-up : 7th March 2023

A crew member of LPG tanker Coral Alameda (IMO 9240158) had to be medevaced during the afternoon of March 1st after becoming unwell when the ship was sailing 40nm west of the Cíes Islands, en route from Vada, Italy to Rafnes, Norway. The patient was transferred to the Álvaro Cunqueiro hospital, Vigo, Spain, for medical treatment.

2003-built, Singapore-flagged, 8,720 gt Coral Alameda is owned by Alameda Shipping Co Pte Ltd care of manager Anthony Veder Rederijzaken BV of Rotterdam, Netherlands. Ism manager is Bernhard Schulte Shipmgmt of Athens, Greece. It is entered with Gard. As of march 6th it was at Frierfjorden anchorage, Norway.

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The starboard side thruster of cable layer Durable (IMO 9242376) was reported to have suffered damage and as a result the vessel, which had berthed in Bermuda on February 22nd, had on February 28th started to unload its cable onto the cargo m/v Thorco Legacy (IMO 9673173). After the unloading the vessel was reported to be heading for Charleston for repairs in drydock and then to return to Bermuda and take back the cable from the Thorco Legacy.

2002-built, Marshall Islands-flagged, 12,184 gt Durable is owned by Tyco Durable Inc care of manager Transoceanic Cable Ship Co of Baltimore, Maryland, USA. As of March 5th it was still moored at King’s Wharf, Bermuda, as was the Thorco Legacy, so the current situation is not exactly clear.

Tug Mauna Loa (IMO 5229704) suffered steering issues while towing a barge in the south arm of the Fraser River while approaching a wharf in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, during the morning of February 26th local time. The barge overtook the tug and collided with its port quarter. The vessel completed its docking manoeuvre, after which the crew assessed the damage. The tug left Vancouver on March 2nd, en route to Seattle with an ETA of March 3rd.

1963-built, USA-flagged, 257 gt Mauna Loa is owned and managed by Salmon Bay Barge Line Inc of Seattle, Washington State, USA. As of March 5th the vessel was stopped at Seattle.

Passenger/vehicle RoRo Starlite Saturn (IMO 9766528), which had run aground at the Danajon Bank, Bohol, Philippines in late February, was refloated by a tug during the afternoon of March 1st. The crew restarted the engine and the ferry arrived at Pier 5 in Cebu City the same evening, under its own power. The starboard propeller and the hull of the vessel had suffered minor damage. Starlite Ferries Inc stated that they would comply with the Maritime Authorities mandatory safety inspection.

2016-built, Philippines-flagged, 2,700 gt Starlite Saturn is owned and managed by Starlite Ferries Inc of Batangas City, Philippines. It is entered with Steamship Mutual (Eastern Syndicate) on behalf of Starlite Ferries Inc. As of March 5th it was moored at Cebu City, Philippines.