Marine accident round-up : 7th April 2020

After a crane cable broken on April 1st a rescue boat being lifted from its cradle fell from a height of 20 metres from tankship Torm Maren (IMO 9358400). There were three occupants of the boat when the incident occurred. The tanker was off the coast of Sierra Leone at the time, en route from Lagos to Gibraltar. A Spanish Navy patrol boat came to assist. The injured occupants of the boat, including a 28-year old woman and two men, 40 and 26 years old, suffered traumatic injuries to their backs and pelvic area. The tanker headed for Conakry to transfer the injured to hospital.

2008-built, Denmark-flagged, 61,724 gt Torm Maren is owned by Vesselco 1 K/S care of manager Torm AS of Hellerup, Denmark. It is entered with Skuld (Business Unit Skuld Copenhagen) on behalf of Torm AS.

Container ship Vinalines Diamond (IMO 9330288) allided with the pontoon of the ferry terminal on the Nha Be river, Ho Chi Minh City during the morning of April 2nd, while heading to the container terminal. The ferry terminal suffered damage. The vessel was safely berthed at the Ben Nghe Port after the accident. 2007-built, Panama-flagged, 9,957 gt Vinalines Diamond s owned by Vinalines of Hanoi, Vietnam. It is managed by Vinalines Container Shipping of Hanoi, Vietnam. It is entered with West of England Club (Claims Team Hong Kong) on behalf of Vietnam National Shipping Lines (Vinalines).

Passenger/Cargo RoRo Stavros (IMO 8973136) allided with Passenger/Cargo RoRo European Star (IMO 7813949) on April 5th, The latter had been laid up in the Keratsini port at Piraeus since December 2nd 2019. Both ships were damaged and officials of the 2nd Port Department of Keratsini banned the Stavros from sailing. As of April 6th both ships were moored at the new pier of Drapetsona in the port of Keratsini. No injuries or pollution have been reported.

2001-built, Greece-flagged, 3,764 gt Stavros is owned and managed by Panagia Dafniotissa Shpg Co of Athens, Greece. 1981-built, Panama-flagged, 12,711 gt European Star is owned and managed by Northbay Transportes Maritimos of Funhcal, Madeira. It is entered with Shipowner’s Club on behalf of Northbay Transportes Maritimos Lda.

Passenger ship Cruise Europa (IMO 9351490) allided with the breakwater at the port of Patras, Greece, during the night of April 4th while attempting to berth. The allision was ascribed to adverse weather conditions. The ferry had 73 crew members, 56 truckers and a cargo of 55 vehicles on board. The allision caused two 20cm cracks in the portside hull above the waterline, as well as internal damage. There were no passengers as the transit of passengers to and from Italy has been prohibited because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Central Port Authority of Patras has banned the ferry from sailing until the presentation of a certificate of class-seaworthiness. As of April 6th the ship remained at Patras quay. 2009-built, Italy-flagged, 54,310 gt Cruise Europa is owned and managed by Grimaldi Euromed SpA of Naples, Italy. It is entered with North of England Club on behalf of Grimaldi Euromed SpA.