Marine Accident round-up : 6th March 2020

Cargo ship Aeoloian Grace (IMO 9298258) ran aground off São Francisco do Sul, Brazil, late on March 3rd, during an unmooring manoeuvre at Laje da Barata. The vessel became stuck about 500 metres from the port at low tide. Technicians were assessing the situation. There were no risks to the environment or to the crew, and port operations were not affected. The ship was stabilized in position by two tugs and the pilot remained on board for safety reasons. Contact was made with the maritime agent to request divers in order to carry out an external evaluation of the hull. The Port Authority Police Station in São Francisco do Sul began an inquiry to investigate the causes of the grounding. 2007-built, Cyprus-flagged, 39,735 gt Aeolian Grace is owned by Zefzo Maritime Ltd care of manager Swissmarine Inc of Athens, Greece. It is entered with Skuld (business unit Skuld Piraeus) on behalf of Zefxo Maritime Ltd.

Passenger ship Eid (IMO 7700403) crashed into the quay at Sæbø, Norway, during the afternoon of March 3rd. No one was injured, although several passengers were thrown around. There was no warning in advance. The accident was reported to be the result of the engine not responding when trying to slow down. First the ferry hit the dock and then scraped along the one next to it before grounding in shallow water. She refloated within half an hour. 1978-built, Norway-flagged, 838 gt Eid is owned and managed by Fjord1 AS of Floro, Norway.

The investigation into the heavy rolling of Passenger/Cargo RoRo Visborg (IMO 9763655) during which several passengers were slightly injured, was concluded by the Swedish Transport Agency on March 3rd. No signs of malpractice were found, with the Agency stating that the incident was due to circumstances beyond the crew’s control. Harsh weather and an extra-large wave in connection with the course change were the cause of the tilt, the agency said. Visborg began to roll violently en route to Visby on February 26th. There were wind speeds of 15 to 20 metres per second and waves of several metres height. The ferry had departed from Nynäshamn at 11:25 when she suddenly tilted to starboard, causing several passengers to fall. Loose furniture was thrown around. The ferry changed course to Fårö to more sheltered waters and finally berthed in Visby at 15:15. Five or six people suffered minor injuries and about 10 were suffering from shock. One person with more serious injuries was taken to hospital.

2018-built, Sweden-flagged, 32,447 gt Visborg is owned by Gotland Rederi AB pf Visby, Sweden. It is managed by Destination Gotland AB of Visby, Sweden. It is entered with Skuld (Business Unit Skuld Oslo 2) on behalf of Rederi Othem AB.

General cargo ship Act (IMO 8206791) was reported as arrested by the local court on February 28th due to an unpaid debt. The vessel is scheduled to be sold on April 27th at auction in Istanbul. Ongoing repairs which had been due to be completed on February 26th, were suspended. During routine maintenance works at Tuzla Shipyard on December 23rd 2019 a fire broke out in the cargo compartment of ACT. 1986-built, Turkey-flagged, 2,553 gt ACT is owned by Kartal Gemi Isletime Ciligi of Istanbul, Turkey. It is managed by BRN Deniz Tasimaciligi TIC Ltd of Istanbul, Turkey.

Juan Carlos Navarrete, 58, a Cuban national who served as a helmsman aboard oil products tanker Petion (IMO 9295098) died after falling over board while the ship was anchored in Amuay Bay in western Venezuela. The tanker was carrying oil from Amuay Bay to Cienfugos. The ship was one of those sanctioned by the US for transporting oil to Cuba. Since the sanctions, oil tankers that are transporting oil between Venezuela and Cuba frequently turned off their lights and their location transmission systems. 2006-built possibly Panama-flagged, 41,503 gt Petion is owned by Trocana World Inc care of manager Caroil Transport Marine Ltd of Limassol, Cyprus.