Marine accident round-up : 6th July 2022

Cargo ship Elise (IMO 9454462) ran aground due to loss of steering when off Spurn Head, Yorkshire, UK Tugs Svitzer Eleanor and Trent Fisher attended and refloated at 14:15. The ship was then towed to an anchorage and docked in Grimsby at 19:30.

2007-built, Antigua & Barbuda-flagged, 1,917 gt Elise is owned by Elise CV care of manager V Scheepvaartonderneming van Dam (Scheepvaartbedrijf van Dam) of Farmsum, Netherlands. It is entered with Standard Club on behalf of Noord Nederlandsche P & I Club. As of July 5th the vessel was moored at Grimsby, UK.

Last week the UK police arrested a man on board passenger vehicle RoRo Stena Europe (IMO 7901760) after it emerged that a dispute between two staff members had resulted in a stabbing. The ferry was getting ready to set sail for Rosslare Europort when the incident occurred. Words were exchanged between two staff members working on the car deck, and then one of them stormed off to his cabin, returning with a spanner and a knife. he perpetrator first threw a spanner at the victim before chasing him and stabbing him twice in the back and slicing him across the chin. Other colleagues immediately leapt to separate them and police and ambulances were called. One man was arrested while the other was rushed to hospital. The ship delayed disembarking while police carried out enquiries and made the arrest.

1981-built, UK-flagged, 24,828 gt Stena Europe is owned by Stena Ropax Ltd care of Stena Line Ltd of Holyhead, UK. ISM manager is Northern Marine Ferries Ltd of Clydebank, UK. It is entered with Gard AS for P&I on behalf of Stena Ropax Ltd and with Stena Rederi AB for hull. As of July 5th the vessel was underway from Fishguard, UK, to Rosslare, Ireland, ETA July 5th.

Turkey has again prevented EU marines from checking the UN arms embargo on Libya. Operations management in Rome announced on July 3rd that Turkey had rejected an application for an inspection of cargo ship Parpali (IMO 9134701), based on UN Security Council Resolution 2292 on the arms embargo against Libya. The ship had berthed in Misrata on July 4th. 1997-built, Turkey-flagged, 10,925 gt Parpali is owned and ISM managed by Mefa Deniz Acenteligi of Istanbul, Turkey. Commercial manager is Akar Deniz of the same address. As of July 5th it was moored at Misrata.

The Chittagong Port Authority of Bangladesh arrested bulk carrier Ocean Grace (IMO 9284257) at the outer anchorage of the port on orders of the local court on June 30, 2022. The vessel had arrived with imported raw materials for the cement industry on June 27th and remained stationary as of July 4th.

2005-built, Marshall islands-flagged, 31,242 gt Ocean Grace is owned by Aroma Trading Co Ltd care of manager Mercantile Shipping Lines of Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is entered with Skuld (Skuld Singapore International) on behalf of Mercantile Shipping Lines Ltd. As of July 5th it remained at anchor off Chattogram.