Marine accident round-up : 5th November 2019

Pirates attacked oil products tanker Elka Aristotle (IMO 9249099) off the coast of Togo on Monday November 4th kidnapping four crew members, the West African nation’s navy and Greek authorities have said. Of the missing crew members, two are Filipinos, one is Greek and one is Georgian, the navy said. One security guard was reported shot and wounded in the attack. “Monday, 4th of November 2019, around 0300, the tanker boat Elka Aristotle was attacked around 18km from the port of Lome by armed individuals,” the statement said. The vessel’s manager, European Product Carriers Ltd, confirmed the early morning attack. Armed guards were present on the Greek boat and tried to fight off the attackers, but one was wounded, the Togo navy said. 2003-built, Greece-flagged, 55,096 gt Elka Aristotle is owned by Rhonda Enterprises care of manager European Product Carriers Ltd of Athens, Greece. It is entered with UK Club (Area Group E2 (EMEA)) on behalf of Rhonda Enterprises SA.

General cargo ship Danica Violet (IMO: 8503967) was in collision with passenger/cargo RoRo Berlin (IMO 9587855) during the afternoon of November 1st, 2019 while en route from Gdynia to Rostock. The freighter had lost control and suddenly veered to port, hitting the port side bow of the ferry. After the incident the Berlin returned to berth 55 in the Port of Rostock. The 321 passengers were disembarked. The hull of the ferry was breached above the water line to a length of three metres. The foreship of the ship was seriously put out of shape. Total damage, was estimated at €200,000. No one was injured and no pollution was reported. Danica Violet docked at berth 37.

The Berlin left Rostock during the evening of November 2nd. The Danica Violet followed about 90 minutes later, headed to Gdynia for repairs.

1986-built, Denmark-flagged, 1,088 gt Danica Violet is owned and managed by Folmer & Co I/S of Copenhagen, Denmark. It is entered with British Marine on behalf of Partrederiet Invest VIII.

2016-built, Germany-flagged, 22,319 gt Berlin is owned and managed by Scandlines Deutschland GmbH of Hamburg, Denmark. It is entered with Skuld (Business Unit Skuld Hamburg) on behalf of Scandlines Deutschland GmbH

Roro cargo ship Nusa Agung (IMO 7027423) hit a beacon in the Bakauheni Port, Lampung, Indonesia, on November 1st. Pier 7 of Merak Port, Banten, was closed because the pier 6 of Bakauheni Port was used to repair the ferry, which had suffered a breach in the hull. 1970-built, Indonesia-flagged, 5,730 gt Nusa Agung is owned and managed by Putera Master Sarana Lines of Jakarta, Indonesia.

Vessel Day (IMO 8841591) suffered a structural failure in the cargo hold during cargo discharge operation after its arrival from Azov at Hereke, Turkey, on October 30th. Repairs were carried out by stevedore duty teams upon completion of discharge operation. The vessel berthed in Tuzla on November 1st. 1976-built, Sierra Leone-flagged, 2,516 gt Day is owned by Day Shipping & Trading Ltd care of manager Daylight Shipping * Trading of Kocaeli, Turkey.

General cargo ship Crystal Sea (IMO 9499931) ran aground off Papua New Guinea in the Solomon Sea during the afternoon of October 19th while fully laden on an outward passage from Alotau, Papua New Guinea, to Zhangjiagang, China. The vessel remained grounded in the same position as of November 1st. 2008-built, Singapore-flagged, 5,762 gt Crystal Sea is owned by Cybele Singapore Pte ltd care off Lizstar (Singapore ) Pte Ltd of Singapore. It is managed by Eagle Ship Management of Tokyo, Japan. It is entered with Japan Club on behalf of Cybele Singapore Pte Ltd.