Marine accident round-up : 5th May 2022

While fishing vessel Kairos (IMO 8921602) was hauling in its trawl on April 21st near the Kuril Islands off eastern Russia, the locking hook holding the trawl door unfolded. The trawl door dropped down and hit three crew members on the fishing deck with the slack wireline, who died at the scene from their injuries. Upon the arrival of the vessel at the Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy anchorage, investigations were carried out as well as a search of the scene of the incident. Documentation relevant to any criminal case was seized. The crew members of the fishing vessel were interrogated as witnesses. The investigation is reportedly considering several versions of what happened: the fatigue of the metal from which the locking hook and the overload of the cargo fixed on the trawl door. The criminal investigation was ongoing. As of May 3rd the vessel was anchored at Petropavlovsk anchorage.

1990-built, Russia-flagged, 1,597 gt Kairos is owned and managed by Rosrybflot LLC of Kamchatskiy kray, Russia.

Bulk carrier Yamtai (IMO 9085572) allided with Piers 30 and 29 at Taichung Port, Taiwan, during the evening of April 29th while in the process of shifting berths. The ship, which was in load at the time, suffered a small above-the-waterline hull breach amidships. Fenders on the berth wall of pier 30 sustained serious damage. As of May 3rd the vessel was moored at Taichung.

1994-built, Hong Kong-flagged, 16,721 gt Yamtai is owned by Hongkong Yamtai Investment Co care of manager Shenzhen Shekou Shpg & Trans of Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. It is entered with West of England (Claims Team Hong Kong) on behalf of HongKong Yamtai Investment Co Ltd.

Havila Kystruten has cancelled the next scheduled trip of cruise vessel Havila Capella (IMO 9865570) amid problems relating to the financing of the vessel by a Russian entity. There was still uncertainty associated with the ship’s insurance. The Havila Capella was currently docked at the Tollboden Offshore Vessel Pier in Bergen, and the next planned round trip was scheduled for May 4th. 2021-built, Norway-flagged, 15,519 gt Havila Capella is owned by GTLK Asia M11 Ltd care of manager Havila Kystruten Operations AS of Fosnavaag, Norway. It had previously been entered with Gard (according to Equasis). No current P&I entry. As of May 4th, it was moored in Bergen.