Marine accident round-up : 5th March 2020

The operation to remove oil and other contaminants from the crewless cargo ship MV Alta, which washed ashore mid-February in Ballycotton, Co Cork, Ireland, has been completed. The ship had been drifting for around 18 months after its crew had been evacuated by the US Coast Guard in September 2018 in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The vessel broke down disabled on her way from Greece to Haiti. Crew members were unable to make repairs and called for help. The ship was then left to drift in the sea. Cork City Council said that 62 full barrels and 33 empty barrels were airlifted by helicopter from the wreck to a prepared drop-off area after which they were transferred onto a vehicle and removed by an environmental agent. Oil absorbent pads and booms were left at some locations on board where there could be residual seepage from pipe systems that have been drained. Cork County Council’s operation was supported by its marine contractor LCF marine and Ireland’s police An Garda Siochana. “The council is now closing down the wreck with the removal of the pilot ladder and any other access arrangements to render the wreck inaccessible. The wreck is now essentially empty, having had no cargo, and with any significant documentation and equipment removed”, the council said.

Chemical/oil products tanker Agia Zoni II (IMO 7126152) was observed semi-submerged off Salamina island on February 28th. The ship had sunk on September 9th in the Saronic Gulf and was raised on November 29th. It was towed to a shipyard in Ambelaika and drydocked on June 22nd 2018. It left the dock without repairs and was now resting with the stern on the bottom again. 1972-built, Greece-flagged, 1,521 gt Agia Zoni II is owned by Agia Zoni II Shipping Co and managed by Agia Zoni Shipping Co, both of Piraeus, Greece.

General cargo ship Nataly (IMO 9370288) was in a near collision with RoRo cargo ship Norrland (IMO 8818764) on the Elbe off Brunsbüttel in the early morning of March 1st, while en route from Norrköping to Teignmouth. The Ukrainian captain steered the vessel towards the radar line in the middle of the fairway. The Norrland was approaching Hamburg. During the change of the pilot off Brunsbüttel it was observed that there was a dangerous course. The pilot change was immediately aborted and the master of the Norroland changed course to avoid the potential collision. The traffic control filed a charge against the master of the Nataly for endangering ship traffic. The vessel was ordered to berth in Cuxhaven, but was held only for two and a half hours. At 05:10 she resumed her voyage to Teignmouth with an ETA of March 4th. The was required to deposit a safety fine of €3,000 Euro. 2007-built, Antigua & Barbuda-flagged, 2,545 gt Nataly is owned by Blue Dragon GmbH & Co KG of Berlin, Germany. It is managed by Lohmann Bereederungen of Haren (Ems), Germany. ISM manager is Hermann Lohmann Schiffahrts of Haren (Ems), Germany.

1990-built, Antigua & Barbuda-flagged 5,562 gt Norrland is owned by Speedster care of manager Brise Schiffahrts GmbH of Hamburg, Germany. It is entered with Skuld (Business Unit Skuld Hamburg) on behalf of BRISE-Bereederungs GmbH & Co.

Fire damage in the engine room of RoRo cargo ship Volcan de Teneguía (IMO 9335161) was still to be assessed at the start of this week, but the Technical Directorate of Arms-Trasmediterranean has recruited the Elisabeth Russ to provide a connection between Cádiz and the Canary Islands. She entered service on February 25th. The damaged ferry remained moored at the port of Tenerife where it had returned on February 22nd. 2007-built, Spain-flagged, 11,197 gt Volcan de Teneguia is owned and managed by Caflaja SL of Las Palmas, Canary Islands. It is entered with Britannia on behalf of Caflaja SLU.

The removal of cargo ship CDRY Blue (IMO 9504619) at Capo Sperone in Sant’Antioco will almost certainly be postponed until April, according to reports. The owner will first review salvage tenders from about 15 companies. The removal operation will cost about €1m. The vessel ran aground with a cargo of coffee late in the evening of December 21st 2019 on the south-west coast of Sardinia in Torre Cannai in the Municipality of Sant’Antioco, while en route from Cagliari to Alicante. 2010-built, Italy-flagged, 5,639 gt CDRY Blue is owned by R&S Maritime care of manager Nuova Naviservice Srl of Naples, Italy.