Marine accident round-up : 4th September 2018

Fire-fighting crews and electricians were told to evacuate passenger ferry Eleftherios Venizelos (IMO 790763) after it began leaning to one side due to the movement of water inside the ship, Greek TV channel ERT reported. The vessel had been carrying 875 passengers and 141 crew, 80 trucks and 152 cars off the island of Hydra when a fire took hold on a car deck. The ferry was escorted back to Piraeus where passengers were evacuated. The water shift apparently occurred during the disembarkation of vehicles at the Xaveriou pier. The order was given through loudspeakers as crews were carrying out work to put out the fire inside the third garage. Crews were attempting to empty the water in order for the vessel to regain its balance. Tug boats were standing by to pull the ferry up. 1992-built, Greece-flagged, 38,261 gt El Venizelos is owned and managed by Anek Lines SA of Chania, Greece. It is entered with UK P&I Club (Area Group Piraeus H1) on behalf of Anonimi Naftiliaki Eteria Kritis AE.

Two crew members have died after a work accident aboard chemical oil products tanker Key Fighter (IMO 8712166) off Stadlandet, Norway, shortly before dawn on September 1st. A rescue helicopter was on site half an hour later. The crew members involved were in the process of carrying out work in a chemical tank aboard the ship. Both had been exposed to the toxic gas hydrogen sulphide and one died as a result. The other reached hospital in a critical condition but later succumbed to the effects of the gas, The ship berthed in Måløy, Sogn og Fjordane County, 90 minutes later, where the police conducted investigations and questioned the crew. The tanker was released that evening and left the port. bound for Erith, UK, ETA late on September 3rd. 1989-built, Malta-flagged, 3,693 gt Key Fighter is owned by Key Shipping AS care of manager Sea Tank Chartering AS of Bergen, Norway. ISM manager is Inter Com Terminalen of Maaloy, Norway. It is entered with Skuld (Bergen unit) on behalf of Sea Tank Chartering AS.

Comoros-flagged general cargo vessel Volgo Balt 193 (IMO 8230302) was detained in port of Azov, Russia on July 16th. This was the third detention in the Paris MoU region within the last 36 months. No further details on 1976-built, 2,516 gt Volgo Balt 193. Also, general cargo vessel Sormovskiy 32 (IMO 7321944) was detained in port of Rostov-on-Don, Russia, on July 29th. This was the third detention in the Paris MoU region within the last 24 months. No further details on 1974-built, unknown flagged 2,478 gt Sormovskiy 32.

Fire broke out in the engine room of the off high-speed ashore tug supply ship World Bora (IMO 9684304) off Rügen island during the morning of August 30th. The crew of four initially prepared to abandon ship, but finally managed to gain control of the fire by sealing off the engine room and flooding it with CO2. Offshore supply vessel Sartor came to assist. Lifeboat Bremen arrived on the scene at noon. They transferred eight fire fighting experts onto the crew transfer vessel. They measured temperatures of 300 degrees Celsius but the heat level was slowly dropping as the fire seemed to be out. World Golf, owned by the same company took the CTV in tow and pulled it towards the ferry port Sassnitz/Mukran which was 11 miles away. 2014-built, Denmark-flagged, 352 gt World Bora is owned by World Shipping AS care of manager World Marine Offshore AS of Esbjerg, Denmark. It is entered with Gard P&I Bermuda on behalf of Gard P&I (Bermuda)

Passenger/cargo RoRo Femøsund (IMO 9129782) ran aground off the port of Femø during the afternoon of August 31st. Seven passengers and two crew members had to remain on board for several hours until a rescue boat arrived from Gedser to take them ashore. The accident was apparently caused by loss of control of the propellers. The captain chose to ground the ferry instead of running into the quayside at Femø. 1996-built, Denmark-flagged, 337 gt Femøsund is owned and managed by Lolland Kommune of Maribo, Denmark. It is entered with Gard P&I (Bermuda) on behalf of Lolland Færgefart.

Efforts to drain the fuel from the grounded  general cargo ship Tai Cang Hu (IMO 9142423) were scheduled to begin on September 1st. Kaohsiung Port authorities sent personnel to inspect and monitor the vessel. Local authorities have asked the ship owners to present their salvage plan. 1997-built, Panama-flagged, 2,900 gt Tai Cang Hu 1 is owned by Shantou Sun Rising Shipping Co care of Sun Rising Shipping Management of Hong Kong. ISM manager is Hongkong Chengyi Shipping & Trade of Hong Kong.