Marine accident round-up : 4th February 2020

Recent storms had resulted in significant damage to the wreckage of cargo ship Natalia (IMO 8203622), which had run aground in Şile, Istanbul, and was abandoned. The power of the waves in the past few days had left only the bow, the stern and parts of the starboard side above water. The superstructure had been partially demolished, with huge parts of her torn off. The aft was covered with debris. The hull had broken into three sections and the port side with the deck cranes has collapsed.  The Natalia was loaded with 3,000 tons of bulk soda and was en route from the Crimea to Ambarli when she suffered an engine failure and went adrift two miles off Riva Sahilköy in a severe storm early on December 19th 2018. 1983-built, Comoros-flagged, 5,966 gt Natalia is owned and managed by ECA Ship Trade Co of Istanbul, Turkey.

Six days after suffering engine failure at Mersin, southern Turkey, general cargo ship Mustafa Kemal 1 (IMO 8207410) dragged anchor and drifted ashore with a crew of 10 on board at the Hatay waterfront, north of Iskenderun, on January 30th. Strong storms in the area was the cause of grounding at the Öğmeiş beach. A salvage operation was due to start soon. 1983-built, Turkey-flagged, 1,533 gt Mustafa Kemal 1 is owned and managed by Mustafa Okan Ogullari of Mersin, Turkey. It is entered with Noord Nederlandsche P&I Club/

Offshore processing ship Petrobras 70 (IMO 9654062) ran aground at the Praia do Gragoata in Niterói off Rio de Janeiro during the night of January 30th, after she broke off her anchors in the Praia Boa Viagem during a mooring operation. She had arrived aboard the heavy lift ship Boka Vanguard from China on January 24th, and was to be temporarily anchored in the Praia Boa Viagem. For the complex mooring operation personnel from the Companhia Docas in Rio de Janeiro, the Brazilian Navy and pilots from Rio de Janeiro were mobilized. The rig was moored with three of its four anchors in the Baía de Guanabara when two of the wires broke. One of the deployed tugs tried to keep the rig under control, but the bow of it turned to the beach and became stuck near the seaside boulevard. The rig was refloated within a short time and taken to an anchorage in the Baía de Guanabara. Strong winds and heavy rain had been impacting Rio de Janeiro and the ship could not cope with the gale-force winds. She went out of control and slowly moved aground. The rig is to be deployed in Santos Basin oil fields, joining the fleet of four other offshore processing ships. During the transport from China, five Brazilian workers were taken to hospital after drinking methanol alcohol, one of whom died.

2019-built, Liberia-flagged, 156,423 gt Petrobras 70 is owned by Tupi BV care of manager Petroleo Brasileiro SA (Petrobras) of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


About 100kg of oil was spilt from cargo ship Jumbo Vision (IMO 9153642) after two mobile cranes fell overboard, most of which was recovered by an anti-pollution vessel. Divers investigated the situation of the sunken cranes. They also plugged the vents of the hydraulic and diesel tanks, which contained about 7.6 tons of hydraulic fuel and three tons of diesel. The draining of the tanks was now being prepared. A salvage plan was being developed, and Rostock Port was looking for a way to get port basin B operating again. Lost were two Liebherr-cranes of the Type LHM 550 with a weight of 439 tons each and a lifting capacity of 144 tons. The cranes were already loaded and placed on deck when the ship’s crane boom moved and contacted one of the mobile cranes, which then fell overboard. The ship then listed causing  the second crane started to move and plunged into the water.

2000-built, Netherlands-flagged, 7.966 gt Jumbo Vision is owned by Jumbo Vision BV care of manager Jumbo Shipping Co SA of Schiedam, Netherlands. ISM manager was Kahn Scheepvaart BV of Schiedam, Netherlands. It is entered with Gard AS on behalf of Jumbo Vision BV. It is entered for loss of hire with Swiss Re AG.