Marine accident round-up : 3rd October 2018

Passenger/cargo RoRo Regina Seaways (IMO 9458535) suffered a technical problem en route from Kiel to Klaipdea following an engine room explosion north of the Gdansk bight, 90 miles off the Polish coast, shortly after noon local time on October 2nd. There were 335 people – 294 passengers and 41 crew members – on board. The ship was adrift half-way between Bornholm and the port of destination. There was no fire on board and no one was injured, but there was dense smoke in the engine room. The fire alert system was activated and crew and passengers assembled on the muster stations. The crew brought the situation under control and started repairs. The ferry had sailed from Kiel the previous evening and was due in Klaipeda yesterday afternoon, October 2nd. She was escorted by a Lithuanian auxiliary ship to Klaipeda in the evening at 13 knots, ETA 22:00. 2010-built, Lithuania-flagged, 25,666 gt Regina Seaways is owned by Grimaldi Holding SpA and managed by Grandi Navi Veloci SpA, both of Via Fieschi, Genoa, Italy. ISM manager is DFDS Seaways AB-Lithuania of Klaipeda, Lithuania. It is entered with West of England Club (Claims Team 3) on behalf of Grimaldi Holding SpA.

Lighter ship Char Samail sank after a collision with bulk carrier New Legacy (IMO 9804942) while unmooring from bulk carrier Densa Tiger (IMO 9432476) on Chittagong Anchorage, Bangladesh, on September 29th. Of the 13 crew members, nine were rescued, but four went missing. The lighter had loaded 400 tons of scrap from the bulk carrier. There were two more lighters moored alongside. Initially New Legacy was struck by Densa Tiger, which then hit Char Samail. Both bulk carriers were damaged.

2010-built, Malta-flagged, 31,029 gt Densa Tiger is owned by Tiger Shipping & Trading Ltd care of manager Marinsa Denizcilik AS of Istanbul, Turkey.

2017-built, Liberia-flagged, 24,203 gt New Legacy is owned by New Legacy Liberia Co Ltd care of manager Hsin Chien Marine Co Ltd of Taipei City, Taiwan. It is entered with Assuranceforeningen Gard on behalf of New Legacy Liberia Co Ltd.

Two people were injured when passenger/cargo RoRo Red Falcon (IMO 9064047) collided with a 31-ft-motorboat that was sailing from Southampton to Cowes in the Southampton Solent on September 29th. The ferry was sailing in the same direction. Another craft went alongside the motor boat until the alerted RNLI boat from Calshot arrived. The motor boat was then escorted to Cowes, making the journey under its own power. It was met by Coastguard rescue teams and was found to have four people on board. Operator Red Funnel has launched an investigation. 1994-built, UK-flagged, 4,128 gt Red Falcon  is owned and managed by Red Funnel Group of Southampton, UK. It is entered with Shipowners’ Club on behalf of Southampton Isle Of Wight & South Of England Royal Mail Steam Packet Company Ltd.

General cargo ship Heiko (IMO 6900379) was refloated off Flatøy close to Askvoll, Norway, during the afternoon of September 29th. Two tugs were deployed to pull the ship to the dock in Askvoll. The Askvoll fire department coordinated the operation, which was carried out by Smit Salvage. Once the vessel was in in port, divers were sent down to investigate the damage. Another leak was discovered on the way to shore, and the divers worked in the afternoon to stop the water ingress. The ship listed to starboard side and was surrounded by an oil boom. 1968-built, Norway-flagged, 769 gt Heiko is owned by Eidnes BO care of manager Hardangerfrakt AS of Dalsoyra, Norway. It is entered with Hydor SA.

The motor yacht that was crushed by cargo barge Xanthos during the afternoon of September 24th in Breukelen, Netherlands, was a total loss, according to the owner of the shipyard in the Vecht region where the boat was lifted out. The three crew members were said to have been barely able to get to the shore when they saw Xanthos sailing towards them. The police was still investigating the cause of the incident. A video recording of the incident showed that the barge was sailing an unusual course, possibly the result of strong winds.