Marine accident round-up : 3rd August 2022

Fire erupted on one of cargo decks of passenger/ro-ro ferry Ciudad De Alcudia (IMO 9010151) on August 1st while it was berthed at Valencia, Spain. The fire was extinguished by Valencia firefighters and no injuries were reported. However the ship sustained unclarified damages and had to cancel scheduled trips. The ferry connects the Balearic islands of Mallorca and Menorca with the Spanish mainland at Valencia. It had arrived at Valencia from Palma de Mallorca early in the morning of August 1st.

1994-built, Spain-flagged, 33,588 gt Ciudad De Alcudia is owned and managed by Trasmed GLE SL of Valencia, Spain. It is entered with North of England on behalf of Trasmed GLE SL. As of August 2nd the vessel remained at Valencia.

After the capsizing of boxship Maya (IMO 8742680) at Tokuyamakudamatsu Port in Yamaguchi on July 31st during loading operations, the majority of the containers that fell overboard remained next to the pier, while a few containers went adrift in the harbour. The Tokuyama Coast Guard has advised shipping to be aware and alert for floating cargo. A small quantity of heavy fuel oil leaked from the vessel. A light sheen was visible, but no major spill has been reported. An investigation was underway to determine the causes of the incident. The Maya lost its stability during the loading of containers, and tilted to starboard side. About 100 containers went overboard. The starboard side of the wreck remained above the water. 2008-built, Japan-flagged, 749 gt Maya is owned by Imoto Senpaku KK care of manager Imoto Lines Ltd of Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi, Japan. As of July 31st the vessel was described as “stopped” in the port.

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Container ship Haian City (IMO 9445007) arrived in Singapore for dry-docking on July 29th. The vessel will undergo a survey and fixing of the hull and cargo holds after they were significantly damaged in a collision with product tanker Orion Express (IMO 9188764) at Kutubdia Anchorage outside Chittagong Port Authority port limits on April 14th (see IMN April 20th). The collision punctured cargo holds 4 & 5 of Haian City with a large hole that caused both holds to be flooded with water. On May 4th, through the combined efforts of Chittagong Port Authority and Prantik Bengal Salvage & Diving, the vessel was navigated into the Karnaphuli River Channel. Prantik fitted a temporary steel patch approved by the vessel class NK and insurers’ surveyor, salvage consultant and owners to seal the cargo hold from the outside. As a result, the ship sailed safely to Singapore from Bangladesh.

2008-built, Vietnam-flagged, 17,280 gt Haian City is owned by Haian Transport JSC of Hanoi City, Vietnam. It is managed by HACT Ltd of Hanoi City, Vietnam. It is entered with West of England (Claims Team Hong Kong) on behalf of Hai An Transporting & Stevedoring JSC.

1999-built, Bangladesh-flagged, 22,848 gt Orion Express is owned and managed by Orion Oil & Shipping Ltd of Dhaka, Bangladesh. ISM manager is Optimum Shipping Pte Ltd of Singapore. It is entered with West of England (Eastern Claims team) on behalf of Orion Oil and Shipping Ltd. As of August 2nd the Ocean Express was at anchor in the Singapore area.

A fire broke out aboard tug Kurtarma 2 (IMO 8959764) on July 27th in the fuel storage tank during the vessel’s stay at the Haskoy shipyard in Istanbul for routine maintenance. The crew and the shipyard duty fire-fighting team initially fought the fire. They were then backed up by local fire brigade teams. The fire was controlled and extinguished, but the extent of damage and the cause of fire was not yet known.

2000-built, Turkey-flagged, 451 gt Kurtarma-2 is owned and managed by the Turkey Govt Kiyi Emniyeti of Istanbul, Turkey. Last AIS May 20th, when it was at port in Istanbul.