Marine accident round-up : 30th October 2018

A fire broke out in the engine room of passenger ship Cruise Ausonia (IMO 9227429) before dawn on October 28th while she was about 18 miles from Ustica, en route from Palermo to Livorno. The affected engine compartment was sealed off. The ship changed course to return to the port of Palermo at a slow speed of about 6.5 knots. There were 262 passengers on board at the time, and 85 crew members. No injuries were reported. Fire fighters were sent from Palermo to attend to the vessel. 2002-built, Italy-flagged, 30,902 gt Cruise Ausonia is owned and managed by Grimaldi Euromed SpA of Naples, Italy. It is entered with Standard Club (European Division) on behalf of Grimaldi Euromed SpA. It is entered with Norwegian Hull Club for hull and machinery.

After a small fire aboard new cruise ship AidaNova (IMO 9781865), in Groningen’s Eemshaven, the introduction cruises planned for between November 15th and December 2nd have been cancelled. The inauguration cruise will take place starting in Hamburg on December 2nd. 2018-built, Italy-flagged, 183,200 gt AidaNova is owned by Costa Crociere SpA of Genoa, Italy, and managed by Aida Cruises of Rostock, Germany. It is entered with UK Club (Area Group Americas G7) on behalf of AIDA Cruises German branch of Costa Crociere SpA.

The Flensburg Shipbuilding Company (FSC) has filed a complaint with the prosecutor in Flensburg on October 25th after one of the four main engines of passenger/cargo RoRo W.B.Yeats (IMO 9809679 aka W.B. Yeats) overheated. The overheating occurred on October 17th; the engine was damaged because a valve of the cooling water circuit was incorrectly closed. A preliminary investigation on suspicion of deliberate property damage was launched by the prosecutor. FSC reportedly suspected sabotage in the construction of the ferry. Delivery has been delayed for quite some time due to ongoing technical trouble. The shipyard apparently still hoped to start a one-to-two-week trial in October. 2018-built, Cyprus-flagged, 50,400 gt W.B.Yeats is owned and managed by Irish Ferries Ltd of Dublin, Ireland.,fsg242.html

Tanker Sude-S (IMO 9508378) suffered a problem in the main engine, which required a main engine filter and cover change, while she was en route from Aliaga to Terneuzen on October 27th. The tanker was carrying 3100 tons oil and anchored for repairs. The ship soon resumed sailing and arrived at the Dow Chemical Pier in Terneuzen on October 28th. 2009-built, Turkey-flagged, 2,802 gt Sude-S is owned and managed by Sener Petrol Denizcilik of Istanbul.

Passenger/cargo RoRo Stena Superfast VII (IMO 9198941) suffered a water coolant leak in the main engine some 6 miles east of Port Muck shortly before midnight on October 26th, while en route from Belfast to Cairnryan with 189 people on board. After repairs were completed the vessel returned to Belfast. 2001-built, UK-flagged, 30,285 gt Stena Superfast VII is owned by FPG Shipholding Bermuda 1 Co care of manager Stena Line Ltd of Holyhead, UK. It is entered with Assuranceforeningen Gard – gjensidig – on behalf of Stena Rederi AB.

A head-on collision occurred in a bend of the waterway on the Canal du Nord south of Péronne near Eterpigny (Somme) during the evening of October 26th between Mac Gyver, loaded with 700 tons sand, and Hijete along with the barge Yamoto, carrying 500 tons of barley, in a bend of the waterway. Apparently attempts by the crew of the Mac Gyver to contact the other barge via VHF or light signals failed, and the ships hit each other with a combined velocity of more than 15 knots. Hijete was breached and started to sink at the bow. The fire brigade was alerted and tried to dewater the ship with three pumps. They found a breach of 30cm x 10cm in the foreship and by late that evening Hijete’s bow was resting on the bottom in a water depth of 3.5 metres. The cargo holds continued to flood and within a couple of hours the engine room started flooding. An anti-pollution force from Poulainville laid out 80 metres oil booms. By the following morning only Hijete’s wheelhouse was even partially above the waterline. Investigations found two more leaks which explained the severe flooding. A small oil spill was visible around the wreck. The salvage will take several days. The plan was to lower the water level of the canal between Épénancourt and Péronne by half a metre over a length of 9.5km in order to get the upper part of the cargo holds above the water. They could then be patched and the water could be pumped out. The Mac Gyver suffered less damage. Ship traffic was currently blocked between Péronne and Epenancourt.

Tanker Signal Cheetah (IMO 9436006) suffered a rudder failure shortly after midday Friday October 26th while transiting the Suez Canal at the 101km mark in a southbound convoy. She ran onto with the eastern bank and damaged her hull. The vessel had a double hull and was able to resume transit. 2009-built, Malta-flagged, 62,775 gt Signal Cheetah is owned by Petrol Duke care of manager Signal Projects Ltd of Athens, Greece. ISM manager is Thenamaris Ships Management of Athens, Greece. It is entered with Standard Club (European Division) on behalf of Petrol Duke Inc.