Marine accident round-up : 30th November 2021

Chemical/Oil Products Tanker Atlantic Grace (IMO 9337511) and bulk carrier Aviator (IMO 9363754) collided during the evening of November 26th in the Gulf of Kutch, western India. The tanker’s bow struck bulk carrier portside in the cargo holds area while the vessels were travelling in opposite directions. It was reported that the ships initially remained coupled, presumably to mitigate serious water ingress into the bulk carrier. As of the evening of November 27th both ships remained in the same position, seemingly still not detached, with salvage tug at their side. By November 29th it appeared that the vessels had been separated. However, the Atlantic Grace and Aviator were both listed as Not Under Command, and very close to each other.

2008-built, Hong Kong-flagged, 29,266 gt Atlantic Grace is owned by Heroic Hera Inc care of Diamond S Management LLC of Greenwich, Connecticut, USA. It is entered with UK Club on behalf of Heroic Hera Inc.

2007-built, Marshall Islands-flagged, 11,743 gt Aviator is owned by Liberator Maritime Co care of manager Evalend Shipping Co SA of Athens, Greece. It is entered with Steamship Mutual (European Syndicate) on behalf of Liberator Maritime Co.

Bulk carrier TBC Progress (IMO 9489821) suffered a technical failure during the early hours of November 27th in the English Channel when it was some 26nm north of Cherbourg, while en route from Rouen France to Las Palmas, Canary Islands. The French MRCC, CROSS Jobourg, was alerted and sent a helicopter and SAR tug. The ship meanwhile, was drifting towards the French coast in rough seas and strong winds. A French salvor team was ready to board the ship from the helicopter to assist in rigging tow line, but then the TBC Progress reported that the problem had been fixed. However shortly after this it became disabled again, so the vessel was taken on tow to Le Havre, where it arrived on November 28th. As of November 29th the vessel was moored in le Havre, scheduled to depart for Las Palmas, Spain, ETA December 1st.

2012-built, Panama-flagged, 19,999 gt TBC Progress is owned by Orient Express Lines Inc of Dubai, UAE. It is managed by Orient Express Ship management of Mumbai, India. ISM manager is TW Ship Management Pvt Ltd, of Mumbai, India. It is entered with Steamship Mutual (Eastern Syndicate) on behalf of Balaji Shipping Co SA.

Clean-up efforts have largely been completed on the Vancouver Island beaches where massive amounts of debris from four broken shipping containers lost by the ZIM Kingston (IMO 9389693) had washed ashore. Christmas decorations, yoga mats, board games, plastic toys, Styrofoam, backpacks and boots were among the contents. The vessel’s owner will check every few months on sites known to accumulate debris and will remove any that appear to be from the vessel. The Canadian Coast Guard will also keep a lookout for any debris during Vancouver Island flyovers. Beaches were now considered clean at Guise Bay, Palmerston Beach, Raft Cove, Shuttleworth Beach, Sea Otter Cove, and the Grant Beach-Topknot area, although Jurassic Point west of Tahsis still had to be cleared. Additional debris reports were still coming in, but no large collections of debris – including refrigerators – have been reported. The container ship currently remains stationary on Victoria anchorage (as of Nov 24). The vessel lost more than 40 containers overboard during rough seas off the western coasts of Canada and the US, and other containers on board were damaged during the event. Most of the lost containers are believed to have sunk.

US-based Resolve Marine Group has been engaged for salvage operations.

2008-built, Malta-flagged, 40,030 gt Zim Kingston is owned by Balticsea Marine Inc care of manager Danaos Shipping Inc of Piraeus, Greece. It is entered with Swedish Club (Piraeus team) on behalf of Balticsea Marine Inc.

Passenger ship Ventura (IMO 9333175) diverted to Brest on November 24th to medevac a sick British passenger. The ship had departed from Southampton the previous evening with 2,160 passengers and 1,083 crew on board, en route to Madeira. The incident became known to crew when the vessel was off the coast of Brittany. It  moored at the repair dock 1 during the afternoon of the 24th and resumed its voyage 90 minutes later. The patient was taken by ambulance to hospital.

2008-built, Bermuda-flagged, 116,017 gt Ventura is owned and managed by Carnival PLC of Southampton, UK. It is entered with Steamship Mutual and with UK Club.