Marine accident round-up : 30th June 2022

Car carrier Angara (IMO 9124043) caught fire on June 25th in the Japan Sea when it was about some 55 nm north of Toyama, Honshu, Japan. The ship, which was loaded with second-hand cars, left Fushiki during the afternoon of June 24th, bound for Vladivostok with an ETA of June 26th. All 25 Russian crew abandoned burning ship, according to Japanese sources. No injuries or casualties were reported. A fire on one of the cars on the cargo deck was believed to be the cause of the fire. The Angara, deployed in transporting second-hand cars from Japan to Russian Far East Ports, had a cargo capacity of up to 600 cars.

1995-built, Sierra Leone-flagged, 2,926 gt Angara is owned by Far East Maritime Transport Co care of manager Grintsurt Ltd of Larnaca, Cyprus. Reported as the “Sayama 2” on Marine Traffic, the vessel on June 25th was en route from Fushikitoyama, Japan, to Vladivostok, Russia, ETA June 27th.

Landing craft Anugerah Indasah (IMO 8740709) sank off Tanah Laut Regency, Southern Kalimantan, Indonesia during the night of Jun 23rd while carrying heavy equipment, probably vehicles. The ship, which had 11 crew on board, was en route from Banjarmasin to Samarinda, East Kalimantan, Makassar Strait. Five crew were rescued on June 24th but six crew remained missing.

2009-built, Indonesia-flagged, 485 gt Anugerah Indasah is owned and managed by Tri Ariesta Dinamika of Makassar, Indonesia. No AIS since June 21st, when it was near Banjarmarsin, Indonesia.

One crew member of cargo ship Imperator (IMO 9014690) had to be picked up by a rescue helicopter after he fell ill during the night of June 25th. The ship was en route from Verdal, Norway, to Mo i Rana, also Norway. The crewman was hoisted and taken to a hospital in Sandnessj√łen in critical condition.

1992-built, Norway-flagged, 2,446 gt Imperator is owned by Vestfrakt Shipping AS and managed by Lighthouse Ship Management AS, both of Torangsvaag, Norway. It is entered with Skuld (Bergen unit) on behalf of Vestfrakt Shipping AS. As of June 29th it was moored at Mo I Rana on the Norwegian coast.

Three robbers armed with long knives boarded tankship Everbright (IMO 9408217) during the night of June 22nd/23rd local time while it was moored at the Callao anchorage, Peru. The perpetrators were sighted by the crew, and the alarm was raised. Hearing the alarm, they fled the vessel, escaping with property stolen from the ship. The incident was reported to the Callao port authorities.

2010-built, Marshall islands-flagged, 84,154 gt Everbright is owned by Front Baldur Inc care of Frontline Management AS of Oslo, Norway. ISM manager is ITM Ltd of Dubai, UAE. It is entered with Gard on behalf of Front Baldur. Gard is claims leader for Hull and Loss of Hire on behalf of Frontline Management AS. As of June 29th the vessel was at Callao Anchorage off Lima, Peru.

A port worker in Bremerhaven, Germany, was killed in an accident aboard RoRo cargo ship ML Freyja (IMO 9799977) during the morning of June 25th. The vessel was being loaded in the East Port. The 30-year-old male was crushed between a moving excavator and other cargo. He was treated on scene and then taken to a hospital, but he died from his injuries on June 26. The ship left the port again late on June 26th, heading for Harwich.

2017-built, Italy-flagged, 24,133 gt ML Freya is owned by Visemar Levante SRL care of Visemar di Navigazione Srl of Porto Viro, Rome, Italy. It is entered with Gard AS on behalf of Visemar Levante Srl. As of June 29th it was underway in the Baltic Sea en route from Cuxhaven, Germany, to Paldiski South, Estonia, ETA June 30th.