Marine accident round-up : 2nd December 2019

After an improvement in the weather, a pumping test was carried out aboard chemical/oil products tanker Blue Star (IMO 9527764) a week after the vessel grounded. The plan was to proceed with the extraction of the 105 tons of fuel that still remained in the tanks. The process reportedly was delayed at the last minute when SMIT Salvage proposed to mix the fuel and diesel and pump it to the shore together. The pumping will take place only during daylight hours with the aim of ensuring the detection of any leakage. Some 30 people were involved in the operation. A kind of heliport was improvised early on November 29th to facilitate the transport of material .The fuel will be transferred to a waste treatment plant. The test (with water) was conducted from the ship to one of the tank trucks on November 29th to check for leaks, and that the pumps had sufficient pressure for the transfer. The fuel extraction was scheduled to start on November 30th and to take several days. Once the fuel has been removed, the involved companies and the insurer will decide on the solution to be adopted for salvage.

2011-built, Malta-flagged, 7,386 gt Blue Star is owned by Cappadocia Shipping Ltd. ISM manager is MTM Ship Management Pte Ltd of Singapore. It is entered with Steamship Mutual (European Syndicate) on behalf of Cappadocia Shipping Ltd.

The Ha Tinh Maritime Port Authority said on November 29th that a small part of the 180 tons fuel oil in the tanks of capsized cargo ship Nordana Sophie (IMO 9205562)  had spilt into the sea. The Authority said that it was closely monitoring developments and would coordinate with the ship owner to hire a specialized company to handle oil. Early on November 28th the vessel had left Hong Kong, bound for Vung Ang – Son Duong port, Ky Anh town, Ha Tinh province, North Central Vietnam, for loading purposes. While she was 2km from Ron Cape and about 10km from Vung Ang – Son Duong port, water suddenly rushed into the engine room, causing the ship to tilt and start sinking. All 18 crew members were taken off and brought ashore safely, nut by early afternoon the same day the ship had sunk.

1999-built, Thailand-flagged, 7,659 gt Nordana Sophie is owned and managed by Jutha Maritime PCL of Bangkok, Thailand.

Deck cargo ship Poseidon 34 (IMO 8529416) ran aground at the Northern coast of Capul island, Northern Samar, Philippines early on November 29th, while en route on a domestic trip from Legazpi to Tagbilaran. The ship, which was in ballast, drifted ashore in rough weather after suffering a steering failure. The 21 crew members were rescued by the Philippines Coast Guard, Navy and local police. The crew remained near the grounding site, planning to refloat the vessel once the bad weather abated. 2014-built, 3,589 gt Poseidon 34 is owned and managed by Primary Trident Marine of Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines.

Fishing vessel Polarhav (IMO 9295804) entered the water on November 18th at the MEST shipyard in Skála, Faroe Islands, after having been stuck for almost four weeks on the slip. The trailer on which the trawler was to be taken to the water became derailed, stopping the ship from putting to sea. Danish salvage company JA Rederiet was engaged to assist. After three days they succeeded in lifting the carriage and ship back on the rails so that the Polarhav could re-enter the water.

2004-built, Faroe Island-flagged, 592 gt Polarhav is owned and managed by JFK Trol P/F of the Faroe Islands. It is entered with Standard Club (London Class) on behalf of JFK-Trol P/F.