Marine accident round-up : 26th June 2018

A man suffered burn injuries aboard chemical oil products tanker Swan Baltic (IMO 9386249) during the afternoon of June 21st while the vessel was berthed at the Maas Boulevard in Rotterdam. The man was taken to shore aboard a fire boat before being taken to hospital. 2007-built, Marshall islands-flagged, 8,195 gt Swan Baltic is owned by SF III Swan Baltic LLC care of manager Norstar Shipping (Asia) Pte ltd of Singapore. It is entered with UK P&I Club (Area Group Singapore) on behalf of SFIII Swan Baltic LLC. Gard AS is claims leader for Hull & Machinery and Loss of Hire on behalf of Norstar Shipping (Asia) Pte ltd.

The beginning of the refloating of fish carrier Seikongen (IMO 9793985) in Chonchi is being planned before the end of June. Machinery used by Dutch salvage company Ardent has been utilized to recover the vessel from the bottom of the Pilpilehue Bay and the vessel is to be upturned by using chains from the beach. Work will start this week and restrictions on navigability in the area and access to the sinking site will be put into effect. 2017-built, Chile-flagged, 1,952 gt Seikongen is owned and managed by CPT Empresas Maritime SA of las Condes, Chile. It had been entered with Hanseatic Underwriters, but no longer appears on its register.

Containership Kea Trader (IMO 9701281) was boarded by teams of Shanghai Salvage Company (SSC) for the 11th time since start of June last week to remove potential pollution risks, during a period of calm weather. They recovered 9.5 tons of loose debris from the cargo holds and the stern as well 2.2 m³ of polluted water from various hydraulic systems. The SSC also made a complete hydrographical survey of the reef and the debris on it. Both sections of the ship were continuously monitored by drones during the recovery process, as well as by crane ship Ju-Li and two tugs to ensure no debris and oil remained undetected if it escaped the ship. The salvors now plan cleaning work in cargo hold 1 and the engine room, once sea conditions permit.

Rescue ship Seefuchs (IMO 5148716) was removed from the Dutch registry by the Dutch government and on June 21st had to abort its rescue mission off the Libyan coast for safety reasons. The ship was now heading for Valletta. 1958-built, Germany-flagged, 133 gt Seefuchs is owned and managed by Seefuchs GBR of Greifswald, Germany.

General cargo ship Tokay Akar (IMO 7408885) is to be sold at an auction held by a Turkish court on an as yet unspecified date. The vessel remained stationary and under arrest at Samsun port, Turkey. The ship had dragged anchor and ran aground at the Samsun fishing port breakwater in bad weather on August 14th 2016. It suffered serious structural damage to the port side bottom and the bulbous bow and was refloated on August 18th. It was then arrested at Samsun and has remained there unrepaired ever since. 1976-built, Turkey-flagged, 2,725 gt Tokay Akar is owned by Akar Denizcilik of Istanbul, and managed by Darya Denizcilik Ukuslararasi of Istanbul. ISM manager is Aksel Denizcilik of Istanbul, Turkey.