Marine accident round-up : 25th September 2018

Passenger/cargo RoRo Finnhawk (IMO 9207895) made contact with bulk carrier Platon (IMO 9452555) while manoeuvring at the Multi Terminal in the Port of Aarhus, on September 19th. Platon sustained a hole in the bow above the waterline and continued her way to Aalborg, Denmark for repairs. Finnhawk sustained a bulge in the bow above the waterline and continued her journey. There were no reports of injuries.

2001-built, Finland-flagged, 11,671 gt Finnhawk is owned and managed by Finnlines PLC of Helsinki, Finland. It is entered with Standard Club (Mediterranean & Middle East Division) on behalf of Finnlines PLC.

2011-built, Marshall Islands flagged, 34,378 gt Platon is owned by Kefalonia Shipping SA care of manager Navina Maritime of Athens, Greece. It is entered with Gard P&I Club (Bermuda) on behalf of Kefalonia Shipping SA.

Research vessel Gipanis (IMO 8859744) allided with a pier while berthing at Severo-Kurilsk on September 23rd. The ship suffered a breach at the bow. The hole was temporarily patched up and the ship sailed to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatka for repairs the same day, but without passengers, who reportedly were left behind, with no other means to reach the port. 1992-built, Russia-flagged, 748 gt Gipanis is owned and managed by Sakhmorflot Ltd of Sakhalinskaya oblast, Russia. It is entered with AMT (as ГИПАНИС).

General cargo ship Heiko (IMO 6900379) could be taken in tow due to ongoing strong heat development two days after the fire that broke out on September 19th. A salvage crew could not board the wreck to investigate the part of the vessel that suffered the fire because of the heat, and therefore it could not be established whether the fire was out. The Coastal Administration has asked for a salvage plan. Once Heiko can be boarded the police will conduct technical examinations on board. Heiko was sailing in ballast when she suffered an engine breakdown followed by a fire. The ship drifted aground Flatøy off Askvoll, south-west Norway, in Sogn og Fjordane. 1968-built, Norway-flagged, 769 gt Heiko is owned by Eidnes BO care of manager Hardangerfrakt AS of Dalsoyra, Norway. It is entered with Hydor SA.

General cargo ship Osfjord (IMO 6706113) was stuck after grounding on September 22nd near Linesøya in Trøndelag in the Åfjord. She was listing to the starboard side in heavy surf. The ship was on her way from Brønnøysund to Kristiansund when strong western winds pushed her ashore. The MRCC coordinated a rescue mission during which the lifeboat from Fillan and a helicopter were sent to the grounding site, but the stormy weather stopped the lifeboat helping immediately. After the helicopter from Ørland arrived the rescue mission was completed within one hour and the four crew members taken to shore, two hours after the grounding. 1967-built, Norway-flagged, 469 gt Osjford is owned and managed by Osfjord Bulk Ltd of Nordstrono, Norway. It is entered with Hydor on behalf of Osfjord Bulk Ltd.