Marine accident round-up : 23rd July 2018

A fire broke out in the upper decks of the superstructure of container ship Salem Mesra (IMO 9353943) during the afternoon of July 16th while she was anchored off Marina Barrage, Singapore. Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) firefighters were dep[loyed on four fire boats. SCDF Marine firefighters adopted a two-pronged approach: boundary cooling on the exterior of the affected ship using two water monitors from the Rapid Response Fire Vessel; and two water jets to penetrate into the cabins to mitigate the deep-seated fire. After five hours the fire was brought under control and two hours after that the firefighters were cooling down the superstructure to prevent possible reignition. No record of insurers for 2007-built, 6,245 gt, Malaysia-flagged Salem Mesra.

Nineteen people died when a boat carrying about 150 migrants sank off the coast of northern Cyprus last week, with 25 others still missing people, Turkey’s coast guard has. A total of103 migrants were rescued by boats and helicopters of the Turkish and northern Cypriot coast guards, helped by commercial boats in the area. The sunken boat was about 30km off the north Cyprus coast. Burhanettin Kocamaz, mayor of the southern Turkish province of Mersin, told broadcaster Haberturk that the rescued migrants and the bodies of those killed in the sunken boat were being brought to Mersin.The coast guard said a Panama-flagged commercial ship spotted the migrant boat some 25nm from Turkey’s southern province of Antalya and alerted the coast guard on Wednesday morning July 17th.

Meanwhile, a supply ship has moved to offshore tug supply vessel Sarost 5 (IMO 9537836) to supply it with food, water and 40 mattresses donated by the Tunisian Red Cross to replace the straw mats on which 40 rescued migrants had been sleeping since July 15, 2018. The people rescued were between 17 and 36 years old and among them were two pregnant women. They were from Egypt, Bangladesh, Cameroon, Senegal, Guinea, Cote d’Ivoire and Sierra Leone. They were rescued after five days adrift off the coast of Zarzis, but were resisting a plan to dock in a Tunisian port. 2010-built, Tunisia-flagged, 1,761 gt Sarost 5 is owned and managed by Sarost SA of Tunis, Tunisia. It is entered with Skuld (Skuld Offshore Business Unit) on behalf of Sarost SA.

General cargo ship Petr Hamitov (IMO 8989214) was taken in tow to Tuzla, Turkey on July 10th. The vessel was expected to arrive at Tuzla Shipyard the same day. The vessel suffered engine failure in November 2017 at Samsum. 1987-built. Panama-flagged, 4,972 gt Petr Hamitov is owned by Saluta Shipping Ltd care of Kent Shipping & Chartering of Istanbul, Turkey. Manager is Venis Maritime Inc of Istanbul, Turkey.

Tanker CL Aquarius (IMO 9407225) suffered a total loss of power in Vancouver port, British Columbia, on July 8th while under the control of a pilot. The vessel anchored at Anchorage Z, with the assistance of a tug. 2007-built, Canada-flagged, 2,999 gt CL Aquarius is owned and managed by Canship Ugland Ltd of St John’s, Newfoundland, Canada. It is reported by Equasis as being entered with Shipowners’ Club. As of July 21st it was moored at Vancouver.

While undertaking a routine inspection on July 16th, local customs officers discovered a dead worker aboard general cargo ship Kati (IMO 9173214) after the vessel berthed in Hanseatic port Wismar with a cargo of wood. The 49-year-old Estonian man apparently suffocated. The officers found the body in a cargo hold with very little oxygen, where the worker should have had to wear an oxygen mask. Investigators are assuming an accident, that the sailor became unconscious from a lack of oxygen after falling and injuring his head. The ship was released by the investigators and as of July 21st was en route to Dundee, UK. 1998-built, Malta-flagged, 3,454 gt Kati is owned by HS Kati OU care of manager Hansa Shipping OU of Tallinn, Estonia

Several Russian sailors aboard oil products tanker Riroil 5 (IMO 9175248), which berthed in the port of Azov on May 19th, have gone on hunger strike demanding payment of owed wages, estimated in total at $100,000. Mariners were understood to be preparing legal claims on Palmali. 2003-built, Malta-flagged, 4,606 gt Riroil 5 is owned by IR Shipping Five care of manager Palmali Shipping & Agency of Istanbul, Turkey. It is reported by Equasis as entered with Steamship Mutual (Smuab) but Steamship Mutual web site was unavailable over the weekend to confirm.

Chemical oil products tanker Horizon (IMO 9183312) sustained damage to its anchor due to rough weather while anchored at Port Muhammad Bin Qasim, Karachi, Pakistan, on July 16th. Repair works were in progress and the vessel will be able to berth once they have been completed. 1999-built, Singapore-flagged, 23,458 gt Horizon is owned by Prosperity Maritime Pte Ltd care of anager Glory Ship management of Singapore. It is entered with North of England Club on behalf of Prosperity Maritime Pte Ltd.