Marine accident round-up : 23rd January 2024

Two workers were killed on January 16th in Gadani shipbreaking yard, Pakistan. A heavy iron plate fell on them during the dismantling of the dead bulk carrier Catherine Bright (IMO 9186924) in yard number 60. The deceased workers were working at the bottom of the ship when the plate fell on them. On January 18th the National Trade Union Federation (NTUF) alleged that the workers were forced to work at the ship without adequate safety measures. “Pakistan recently ratified the Hong Kong Convention, which is about better and safe working environment. However, unfortunately the willingness for its implementation does not seem to exist”, the NTUF said, adding that “the ship owners, concerned governmental departments, including police, are in an alliance against workers, as a result of which the Gadani shipbreaking yard is practically without any rule of law”.

The NTUF claimed that the police were protecting the contractor and owner who, the TUF alleged, were responsible for the deaths of the two workers. It further claimed that the deceased workers were buried late at night in a clandestine manner, before a post-mortem could be conducted.

1998-built, Panama-flagged, 43,022 gt Catherine Bright is owned by Catherine Shipping Fleet Inc care of manager and ISM manager Maritime International Transport & Trading Co of Ruwi, Oman. Between 2013 and 2018 it had been known as the Energy Prosperity, owned and managed by Fiorenza Pte Ltd of Singapore. It arrived at Gadani, Pakistan on December 4th 2023, having left Doha Anchorage on it final journey on November 30th.

Passenger / vehicle RoRo Ancier (IMO 7310260) was identified as the source of an oil sheen and smell that had been seen around Charlottetown, Price Edward Island, Canada since January 14th. The Canadian Coast Guard was investigating the ferry as the source of the leak, and a containment boom has been strung around the vessel. The CCG was looking to determine how much had leaked and what type of fuel/oil was involved. The ferry was on its way to Alang to be broken up and had made what was planned to be a short stop in Charlottetown, where it was to refuel for its final trip. The fuelling took place on January 13th and the first complaint was filed with the local Department of the Environment the following afternoon.

1973-built, St Kitts & Nevis-flagged, 11,481 gt Ancier is owned by Super Shining Shipping Corp care of Resurgence Ship management Pvt Ltd of Maharashtra, India. It is entered with West P&I (Eastern Claims team) on behalf of Super Shining Shipping Corp. As of January 21st it was moored at Charlottetown, where it arrived on January 12th.

General cargo ship Pluto (IMO 9846457) suffered engine trouble during the morning of January 11th while en route from Fukuyama, Japan, to Busan, South Korea. it anchored off the port of departure. A radio call was then made notifying that one crew member was missing, possibly lost overboard. The Japan Coastguard launched an SAR operation.

2020-built, South Korea-flagged, 4,608 gt Pluto is owned and managed by Shinsung Shipping Co Ltd of Seoul, South Korea. It is entered with Steamship Mutual (Eastern Syndicate) on behalf of Shinsung Shipping Co Ltd. As of January 21st it was listed as Stopped at Shinmonji Anchorage, Japan.