Marine accident round-up : 22nd November 2023

General cargo ship Ventura (IMO 9195731) suffered a main engine failure late on November 17th while it was en route from Hull to Southampton, both UK, while carrying 2,728 tonnes of steel crab and two tonnes of bibcock as cargo. There were seven crew members on board. The tug Svitzer Castle towed it to Grimsby Royal Dock, where it arrived during the morning of November 18th.

2000-built, Isle Of Man-flagged, 2,545 gt Ventura is owned and managed by Casper Chartering Ltd of Immingham, UK. ISM manager is Faversham Ships of East Cowes, UK. It is entered with NorthStandard on behalf of Noord Nederlandsche P & I Club for coastal and inland sector. As of November 20th it was in the North Sea en rote from Grimsby to Southampton, ETA November 21st.

Passenger ship Sehit Necati Gurkaya (IMO 7389936), broke loose from its moorings at the inner port of Amasra on the Turkish Black Sea coast during the morning of November 19th in adverse weather conditions, and allided with the pier. There was a risk of the ferry running aground. A patrol boat of the Coastguard attended the scene. The vessel was secured and re-berthed at the pier with the assistance of a patrol boat of the Turkish Navy. Structural damage was noted on the side plating, as well as on the aft mooring station. A detailed damage survey was scheduled to be carried out when the weather improved. No injuries or pollution were reported.

1977-built, Turkiye-flagged, 456 gt Sehit Necati Gurkaya is owned by Istanbul Buyuksehir Belediye care of manager Istanbul Sehir Hatlari of Istanbul, Turkiye. As of November 20th the vessel was listed as Stopped at the port of Amasra.

Cargo ship Denia (IMO 7324273) broke loose from its moorings in Yalova, Marmara Sea, Turkiye, on November 19th due to adverse weather conditions in the area. It had been undergoing routine maintenance in the shipyard and was shifted to the repair pier. The vessel suffered serious structural damage on the starboard side hull plating and water ingress as a result of an allision with a concrete block pier. The vessel started to list to starboard side at up to five degrees. No injuries or pollution were reported. The water was removed by pumps, and a tug was deployed by the port authority in order to avoid the grounding risk. A detailed damage survey was to be carried out upon the improvement of adverse weather conditions in the area.

1973-built, Tanzania-flagged, 2,481 gt Denia is owned and managed by unknown interests (since April 2022 – last recorded owner Rshipping LLC and last manager Sredne-Volzhskaya Sudokhodnaya). Vessel listed on Marine Traffic as the Sormovskiy 29.

Container ship Palermo (IMO 9168207) broke loose from its moorings in Yalova, Turkiye, early on November 19th because of adverse weather conditions and allided with product tanker VF Tanker 11 (IMO 9645009). Both vessels were undergoing routine maintenance repairs at the shipyard at the time. Tugs attended the incident scene and the Palermo was re-berthed at the repair pier- The Palermo suffered damage from the forward section above the water line. The VF Tanker 11 was damaged at the poop deck, starboard quarter, steering gear room, and pertinent sections. Detailed damage surveys of internal steel members, tanks, cargo holds, and cofferdams were under way. Crew witness statements were collected by the Harbour Master incident investigation desk. As of November 20th both vessels remained stationary in the shipyard.

1998-built, Liberia-flagged, 31,333 gt Maersk Palermo is owned by GW Gaines Holdings LLC care of manager Conbulk Shipmanagement Corp of Piraeus, Greece. It is entered with London Club on behalf of Sea Sands Shipping LLC (member reported as Ammos Marine Co on IG search result).

2012-built, Russia-flagged, 5,075 gt VF Tanker-11 is owned and managed by Investneftrade LLC of Krasnodar, Russia.

Chemical/oil products tanker Ginga Kite (IMO 9228291) was boarded from the starboard side by eight to 10 perpetrators armed with long knives, an axe, and steel rods, while being moored at the Kandla anchorage, Gujarat, western India, during the evening of November 13th. The duty crew member informed the bridge, and the bridge watch-keeper immediately alerted the Master and other crew members. The vessel’s horn was sounded, which resulted in the perpetrators fleeing the vessel. They stole 31 valves.

2001-built, Singapore-flagged, 12,044 gt Ginga Kite is owned by Mikom Transport Pte Ltd of Singapore. It is managed by MOL Chemical Tankers Pte Ltd of Singapore. IMS manager is MMS Co Ltd of Tokyo, Japan. It is entered with UK Club on behalf of Mikom Trasport Pte Ltd.