Marine accident round-up : 22nd November 2021

A report has emerged of a collision between new container ship Wan Hai 288 (IMO 9871359) and bulk carrier AMC Navigator (IMO 9291078) (listed in most databases as the Great Amity. But reported on AIS as AMC Navigator) in Hong Kong waters. The collision apparently occurred during the night of November 17th while both ships were under way. The Wan Hai 288 was thought to have been restricted in its manoeuvrability by the presence of  an oncoming container ship on the portside, and therefore could not swing to port in order to avoid a collision. Wan Hai 288 was reported to have suffered heavy damage to the bow section. The bulk carrier was also thought to have been damaged, possibly severely. As of November 21st the Wan Hai 288 was moored at Hong Kong. The Great Amity/AMC Navigator was reported as stopped at the port of Shenzhen. Awaiting further details.

2021-built, Singapore-flagged, 20,899 gt Wan Hai 288 is owned by Wan Hai Lines Singapore Pte and managed by Wan Hai Lines Ltd of Taipei City, Taiwan. It is entered with Britannia on behalf of Wan Hai Lines Singapore Pte.

2004-built, Hong Kong-flagged, 31,260 gt Great Amity is owned by Flying Speed Ltd care of manager Hong Kong Ming Wah Ship management Co Ltd of Hong Kong. It is entered with Swedish Club (under name AMC Navigator) on behalf of AMC Shipping Co Ltd. The name change from Great Amity to AMC Navigator appears to have occurred on November 14th.

General cargo ship Jan D (IMO 9013000) was reported to have collided with general cargo ship Sea Endurance (IMO 9516179) on November 14th in Havstensfjord, north of Gothenburg, Sweden. As of November 21st the Jan D was moored at Bremerhaven, Denmark. The Sea Endurance was moored at Falkenberg, Sweden.

1991-built, Antigua & Barbuda-flagged, 1,981 gt Jan D is owned and managed by Drabert Schiffahrtsges mbh of Holstein, Germany. It is entered with Shipowners’ Club.

2012-built, Cyprus-flagged, 6,872 gt Sea Endurance is owned by CA Sea Endurance Shipping Ltd care of Bulkship Management AS of Oslo, Norway. It is entered with Gard P&I on behalf of Bulkship Management AS.

General cargo ship Isla Tautil (IMO 9006227) ran aground during the morning of November 16th in the southern Chile fjords. As of the afternoon of November 17th the ship was understood still to be aground, with a Chilean patrol ship nearby monitoring situation. An attempt to refloat that day was reported to have failed. No AIS details since November 13th, when it was heading from Puerto Montt to an unknown destination.

1991-built, Chile-flagged, 1,964 gt Isla Tautil is owned and managed by Transportes Maritimos Sur care of Transportes Maritimos Kochifas SA (Transmarko) of Puerto Montt, Chile.