Marine accident round-up : 22nd November 2018

Tanker Tradewind Legend (IMO 9503940) went adrift on the Suriname River during the afternoon of November 19th, while en route from Georgetown to Tout Lui Faut in Wanica to load a cargo of oil for export, and smashed into 11 fishing boats at the fishing centre in Nieuw Amsterdam in Commewijne, Surinane. The tanker stopped by dropping anchor. It was suspected that the engine had failed before. Charterer Staatsolie promised that the fishermen would be compensated. The quay of the fishing centre in Nieuw Amsterdam and a dam were damaged. 2008-built, Panama-flagged, 5,001 gt Tradewind Legend is owned by Roneo Trading SRL, care of manager Tradewind Tankers SL of Barcelona, Spain. ISM manager is Amazsa of Bilbao, Spain. It is entered with Steamship Mutual (Smuab) (European Syndicate) on behalf of Roneo Trading SRL.

The owner of Belgium-flagged inland motor freighter cargo vessel Dandia which has been resting at the bottom of the Albert Canal since last week has decided to abandon the ship. When the salvage of the 73mx8.2m ship will start exactly is not yet clear, and the Vlaamse Waterwegen will now have to organize her removal. The skipper will not abandon his ship or the cargo. In the meantime, the Vlaamse Waterwegen have published the specifications, and several salvage companies can now register. Speed was a factor in the choice of the salvage company. The removal itself will probably take up to a week, with her cargo first being removed.

Two dry cargo ships, Ceren 3 (IMO 7364481) and Doğan Kartal became stranded after being pushed by strong winds on November 17th. They had dragged anchor off Pendik at the Yalova coast in the Marmara Sea on November 13th. The ships were tied to each other and were unmanned,  heading for the breaker’s yard. The Yalova Port Authority and representatives of the town of Esenkoy Keçikaya launched an investigation into the case. The police also investigated after thieves removed the oxygen tubes. Other parts were dismantled at the grounding site in Keçikaya, with a hole being cut into the starboard side of the Ceren 3. The police arrested four people. An investigation was being carried out on who brought the ships to Yalova and whether the dismantling procedures were planned in advance.

1974-built, Turkey-flagged, 844 gt Ceren 3 is owned and managed by Kevser Gemi Isletmeciligi of Istanbul, Turkey.

Cruise ship Le Soleal (IMO 9641675) has left Puerto Natales, Chile, where she was moored after damaging a propeller on November 14th, setting sail for Talcahuano where she would be repaired. The ship, with 155 crew members on board was being assisted by Chilean tug Cucao. She was scheduled to arrive for repair at Talcahuano on November 23rd. 2013-built, France-flagged, 10,992 gt Le Soleal is owned by Point Barrow SNC care of Compagnie du Ponant of Marseille, France. It is entered with Steamship Mutual (Smuab) (European syndicate) on behalf of SNC Point Barrow.

The six Greenpeace activists who were detained for 33 hours on board tanker Stolt Tenacity (IMO 9680102) because they said it was carrying “dirty” palm oil into Europe have been released in Algeciras by Spanish authorities. They invaded the tanker on Saturday November 17th, delaying its journey from Indonesia to Netherlands for nearly two days. 2017-built, Cayman Islands-flagged, 29,903 gt Stolt Tenacity is owned and managed by Stolt Tenacity BV of Rotterdam, Netherlands. It is entered with Assuranceforeningen Gard – gjensidig – on behalf of Stolt Tenacity BV. Gard AS is also claims leader for H&M cover.