Marine Accident round-up : 22nd May 2017

Bulk carrier capesize Gortynia (IMO 9702584), en route from Saldanha Bay to Singapore and loaded with iron ore, was in collision with bulk carrier DZ Qingdao (IMO 9116656), en route from Tianjin to Port Klang, in the Singapore Strait early on May 17th. Both vessels suffered serious damage and proceeded to Singapore anchorage. 2015-built, 93,297 gt Gortynia owned by Premier Shipholdings Co of Athens, Greece, and managed by Eastern Mediterranean MTME-LIE, also of Athens. Entered with UK P&I Club on behalf of Premier Shipholdongs Co. 1996-built, 27,763 gt DZ Qingdao owned by DZ Qingdao Shipping Co of Qingdao, Shandong, China, managed by Sea Ray Shipping Co, also of Qingdao. Entered with West of England P&I on behalf of the owner.

Cargo ship Fast Herman (IMO 9345362) en route from Szczecin to Lübeck with a cargo of Urea, ran aground on the Prerow Bank early on the morning of May 21st and was unable to escape with its own power. A tug was called from Rostock and managed to pull Fast Herman off the bank at 13:50. The vessel was ordered to enter the port of Rostock for a survey and investigation. It reached the port under its own power and docked at 18:00. 2006-built, 2,474 gt Fast Herman owned by Fast Lines Belgium of Antwerp, and managed by Fast Baltic SP Z OO of Szczecin, Poland. No details of cover in insurance databases.

Passenger RoRo Mutiara Sentosa 1 (IMO 8718471) caught fire in the Java Sea near Masalembu island on the afternoon of May 19th, while en route from Surabaya to Macassar. The ship was dead in the water seven miles off the Eastern coast of Masalembu with 44 crew and 134 passengers on board, when an evacuation into life boats and rafts was ordered. Some merchant vessels and fishing boats were directed to assist, among them container ship Meratus Makassar (IMO: 9106637). 1988-built, 12,365 gt Mutiara Sentosa owned and managed by Atosim Lampung Pelayaran PT of Bandarlampung, Indonesia. No details of vessel’s insurance found in databases. Meratus Makassar s entered with Shipowners P&I on behalf of PT Meratus Line, the ship manager, of Surabaya, Indonesia.

Sidon Municipality, Lebanon, started to salvage general cargo ship Nabil J (IMO 7125225) on May 22nd. It had been stranded on the beach for almost a month. A mobile crane was stationed on the adjacent quay side for the works of removing pollutants and cargo from the listing ship. 1971-built 1,773 gt Nabil J registered as owned by Graciosa Navigation of Beirut, Lebanon. Manager is Faros Shipping Co, also of Beirut.