Marine accident round-up : 22nd June 2020

Container ship APL England (IMO 9218650) has been cleared to leave Australia and was scheduled to proceed to China for repairs on June 19th. The vessel was allowed to leave the port of Brisbane after a final inspection was carried out. The owner company has promised to pay the fines and any other penalties issued by the court as a result of the vessel losing some 50 containers overboard in heavy seas 73km off the coast of New South Wales on Sunday May 24th while en route from Ningbo, China to Melbourne.2001-built, Singapore-flagged, 65,792 gt APL England is owned by CMB Ocean 13 Leasing Co Pte care of manager APL Co Pte Ltd of Singapore. ISM manager is CMA CGM International Shipping of Singapore. It is entered with Steamship Mutual (European Syndicate) on behalf of CMB Ocean 13 Leasing Co Pte Ltd.

When passenger cruise ship Mein Schiff 3 (IMO 9641730) berthed at the Grasbrook in Hamburg early on June 17th those crew members who had been isolated in a quarantine station in the Ameos Clinic Seepark-Geestland in Debstedter had been allowed to leave hospital. At the beginning of May they had tested positive for Covid-19 and had to go into quarantine outside the ship. 2014-built, Malta-flagged, 99,526 gt Mein Schiff 3 is owned by Celebrity Cruises Inc of Miami, Florida, and managed by TUI Cruises GmbH of Hamburg, Germany. It is entered with UK Club (Area group E1 EMEA) on behalf of TUI Cruises GmbH.

A medical evacuation was carried out from crude oil tanker Alfa Finlandia (IMO 9823041) by the Helimer 203 helicopter of Salvamento Marítimo 60 miles from Barcelona On June 16th, 2020. A Croatian crew member had suffered second-degree steam burns. He was transferred to the Reus airport where an ambulance was waiting to take him to the Vall d`Hebron hospital in Barcelona. 2019-built, Bahamas-flagged, 60,152 gt Alfa Finlandia is owned by Shinobu Shipping Co Ltd care of manager Lundqvist Rederierna AB of Mariehamn, Aland, Finland. It is entered with Skuld (Business Unit Skuld Oslo 2) on behalf of Shinobu Shipping Co.

Sheep were loaded onto the livestock carrier Al Kuwait (IMO 9590931) in Fremantle on June 16th after an attempt by Animals Australia to halt the shipment failed in the Federal Court. An estimated 35,000 sheep will be loaded onto the vessel after its departure was delayed by the last-minute appeal against an exemption to the current moratorium on Middle East shipments, which runs from June 1st until mid-September. Heat stress risk mitigation was the focus of its exemption application, including the removal of heavier sheep, which can be less tolerant of high temperatures, and ensuring that the wool length on the sheep was less than 20 mm. Specific areas of the vessel would not be loaded with sheep, reducing the density of animals on board. The organisation accepted the Federal Court’s decision, but said that it was disappointed. The Australian Livestock Exporters’ Council welcomed the Federal Court’s decision. 2016-built, Kuwait-flagged, 36,028 gt Al Kuwait is owned and managed by Livestock Transport of Safat, Kuwait. It is entered with Steamship Mutual (Eastern Syndicate) on behalf of Livestock Transport & Trading Co.

General cargo ship Golden Rose (IMO 8725058) ran aground at the 155km mark on the Volga-Caspian Sea Canal during the morning of June 16th, loaded with grain bound from Astrakhan to Amirabad. The ship blocked the passing canal traffic, leaving at least 28 ships lined up, waiting for passage in both directions, while refloating attempts were going on as of June 17th. 1985-built, Belize-flagged, 2,466 gt Golden Rose is owned and commercially managed by Carnil Commodities FZC of Ajman, UAE. ISM manager is Omskiy Shipping LLC of Astrakhan, Russia. It is entered with VSK Insurance Co.