Marine accident round-up : 22nd February 2021

Two crew members of cargo ship Navigare Boreas (IMO 9729922) were injured in a work accident on February 16th, leading the master to request medical assistance. The ship was sailing south of the island of Menorca in the western Mediterranean when Salvamento Maritimo was alerted. A helicopter was deployed to medevac the two, who were transferred to the hospital in Son Espases. The bulk carrier continued its voyage from Tarragona to Gabes. As Of February 20th it was moored at Gabes.

2016-built, Marshall Islands-flagged, 34,614 gt Navigare Boreas is owned by MIF I No 13 K/S care of manager Navigare Capital Partners AS of Hellerup, Denmark. ISM manager is Anglo Eastern Ship Management of Hong Kong, China. It is entered with North of England on behalf of MIF I No 13 K/S.

RoRo freight cargo ship Gallipoli Seaways (IMO 9215476) arrived at Tuzla during the evening of February 13th. A fire had broken out on the upper deck of the vessel during the afternoon of February 11th while it was off Bozcaada Island, between Izmir and Istanbul. The vessel had been transiting the Dardanelles en route from Tuzla to Trieste. There were 22 crew, two passengers and 220 vehicles on board. After the first part of the damage survey was carried out a single voyage permission for the vessel was issued by the Harbour Master from Akcansa to the Pendik ferry terminal. During the Canakkale Strait passage a Coastal Safety tug provided escort service for the vessel and strait traffic safety.

2001-built, Turkey-flagged, 26,525 gt Gallipoli Seaways is owned and managed by DFDS Denizcilik ve Tasimacilik of Istanbul, Turkey. It is entered with West of England (European Claims team) on behalf of DFDS Denizcilik ve Tasimacilik AS

Indonesian authorities found three bodies dead in the water near the Barokah Galangan Perkasa shipyard after an oil barge burst into flames next to LPG tanker Grace V (IMO 8904989) on February 11th and exploded (IMN, February 15th). It was not known if the dead were killed in the blast. No people had been reported missing from the Grace V. The cause of the explosion remained unclear. Local authorities said no crew members from either the oil barge or the tanker had been reported missing. The barge and the Grace V were moored a few metres apart at the shipyard in East Kalimantan when the accident happened.

1989-built, Indonesia-flagged, 1,488 gt Grace V is owned and managed by Bahari Nusantara PT of Makassar, Indonesia.

Luxury yacht Enigma aka Phocea (IMO 8942797) caught fire on February 18th while at anchor 4km off Langkawi island, northeast Malaysia, in the Malacca Strait. There were seven crew members on board at the time. They called for the assistance of the Langkawi Maritime Rescue Sub Centre and Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA), which began fighting the fire at 08:18 local time. The crew was transferred to the KM Tenggol. None was injured and no oil spill was reported. However, fighting the fire was hampered by strong winds. The fire was finally put out in the evening. The yacht is still identified by AIS as Phocea, but according to other records its name is Enigma.

1976-built, St Vincent & Grenadines-flagged, 530 gt Phocea/Enigma according to Equasis is owned by Phocea Ltd care of manager Magellan Management of Luxembourg.

Video at:–ex–phocea–catching-fire-in-langkawi-4456?src=_pos_1

A crew member of research vessel Silver Supporter (IMO 9165944) who had fallen overboard was found alive 16 hours later during the evening of February 16th, off the Austral archipelago, French Polynesia. The vessel had notified the Papeete Sea Rescue Centre of the disappearance of its chief engineer, a 52-year-old Lithuanian, who was absent for breakfast. The ship turned around, while the rescue centre alerted other ships and sent a French Navy aircraft to the area. The ship found the sailor south of the Austral Islands, an archipelago located in the southernmost part of French Polynesia. His health was stable despite such a long time in the water, although he was severely dehydrated. At  02:00 he had fallen overboard. The research vessel continued its journey from Tauranga to the Pitcairn Islands.

1998-built, Gibraltar-flagged, 1,155 gt Silver Supporter is owned by Silver Supporter AS care of manager Fjord Shipping AS-Maaloy of Maaloy, Norway. I tis entered with Gard P&I Club on behalf of Silver Supporter AS. For H&M and Loss of Hire it is entered with Gard AS (claims leader) on behalf of Silver Sea AS.

It is also listed as being entered with Shipowner’s Club on behalf of the Pitcairn Islands Govt (end-date March 14th 2021).

Passenger/vehicle RoRo ferry Eckerö (IMO 7633155) ran aground during the afternoon of February 18th while entering Berghamn, after suffering a blackout. The ferry connects Grisslehamn, Sweden with Berghamn Aland islands in the Baltic. The problem was fixed, the engines were restarted and the ferry berthed at port a short time later. The ship’s hull was to be surveyed, but there were no reports or signs of hull breaches.

1979-built, Sweden-flagged, 12,358 gt Eckerö is owned and managed by Eckerö Rederiaktiebolaget of Aland, Finland. It is entered with Gard AS on behalf of Rederiaktiebolaget Eckerö.

Please note. With the new policy year coming into place, there might be changes in the insurance details for vessels. IMN attempts to keep details as up-to-date as possible, but for the next week or so, assume that the insurance as given here was “as of” February 19th 2021, the day before renewal for the 2021/22 policy year.