Marine accident round-up : 21st October 2022

Four crew members of cargo ship VIMC Sunrise (IMO 9331878), including the Chief Officer, fell overboard under unclear circumstances during the afternoon of October 17th. The bulk carrier tried to anchor 7nm west of Mailiao port on the western coast of central Taiwan. The ship was en route from Singapore to Xiame at the time, and the reason for anchoring at Xiame was unclear.  Three seafarers were injured, but rescued and hoisted back aboard the ship soon after their falls, but the fourth went missing. The Master decided to sail to Kaohsiung to get medical assistance and berthed at Kaohsiung around dawn on October 18th. As of October 20th the vessel was still moored at Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

2006-built, Vietnam-flagged, 31,236 gt is owned and managed by VIMC of Hanoi, Vietnam. It is entered with Gard on behalf of Tong Cong TY Hang HAI Viet NAM – Ctcp.

General cargo ship Mika (IMO 8321656) collided with a local fishing vessel before dawn on October 19th when it was 11nm off Ravenna, Italy, while en route from Rasa Croatia to Ravenna. The fishing vessel sank; the Mika rescued five fishermen who were on board, and resumed sailing. The Mika berthed at Ravenna and as of October 20th the vessel was moored at Ravenna, Italy.

1983-built, Denmark-flagged, 1,660 gt Mika is owned by Nova Mar Srl of venice, italy. It is managed by Maritim management APS of Frederiksvaerk, Denmark. It is entered with West of England (Eastern Claims team) on behalf of Nova Marl Srl.

Passenger cargo ship Sabuk Nusantara 46 (IMO 8567145) ran aground on the coast of South Bengkulu Regency, South Sumatra southwest coast, on September 27th. All people on board were rescued. Indonesian salvors tried to salvage the ship after sealing the underwater hull breach, but shortly after it was taken off the beach on October 16th it developed a list and sank in shallows, at a depth of 5 to 6 metres depth, so the wreck remained partially above water.

2016-built, Indonesia-flagged, 520 gt Sabuk Nusantara 46 is owned and managed by the Indonesian government of Jakarta.