Marine accident round-up : 21st January 2020

Cargo ship MSC Adelaide (IMO 9618290) struck a moored pilot boat while approaching Gioia Tauro during the late morning of January 18th, having arrived from Genoa. The boat sank after being crushed between the container ship’s bulbous bow and the quay. An immediate intervention by tugs prevented any pollution. The wreck was quickly recovered by a crane and placed on the quayside. The boat was unmanned at the time of an accident.  2013-built, Panama-flagged, 95,390 gt MSC Adelaide is owned by Usher Navigation SA care of manager Mediterranean Shipping Co SA of Geneva, Switzerland. ISM manager is Mediterranean Shipping CO Srl of Piano di Sorrento, NA, Italy. It is entered with Standard Club (International Division) on behalf of Usher Navigation SA.

General cargo ship Zaanborg (IMO 9224154) allided with the ENI gas platform Agip 1 about 3.5 miles off the port a short time after she left Ravenna during the evening of January 15th, bound for Piraeus. The ship returned to Ravenna where she berthed at the Porto Corsini Cruise Terminal. The harbour master detained the ship for investigations. The cause of the allision was unknown. The ship had a pilot on board at the time; visibility, initially good, worsened after departure. As of January 20th the ship was reported as still in port. Meanwhile the gas platform Agip 1 was inoperative, extent of damages not yet known. Agip 1 was to be boarded for inspections on January 18th. There was no pollution after the impact. However, the Zaanborg suffered severe damage in the forecastle area at port side and the bow tip, with a breach of several meters, deep scratches and dents.

2001-built, Netherlands-flagged, 4,938 gt Zaanborg is owned by Zaanborg BV care of manager Wagenborg Shipping BV of Delfzijl, Netherlands. ISM manager is Concurrent Shipmanagement BV of Delfzijl, Netherlands. It is entered with North of England Club on behalf of Zaanborg BV.

Chemical/oil products tanker Atlantis Amona (IMO 9268162) suffered a rudder failure in the Botlek in Rotterdam during the night of January 17th, arriving from Antwerp. The accident was caused by a technical defect which caused a loss of rudder control. The tanker veered off course, and, instead of moving forward, it went astern and allided with the quay at the Welplaat Port and two moored barges, which fortunately suffered only slight damage. The tanker berthed at the Cargill Terminal in Rotterdam where divers went down to check for damage. The repairs will take place next week. The cause of the rudder loss appeared to be a failure of the Remote Control System of the Controllable Pitch Propeller, which did not follow the command on the control levers. 2004-built, Malta-flagged, 2,603 gt Atlantis Armona is owned by Armona Shipping Ltd care of manager Armona Denizcilik AS of Besiktas, Istanbul, Turkey. It is entered with London Club on behalf of Armona Shipping Ltd.

Cargo ship Pemba (IMO 9504267) lost part of her deck cargo in stormy weather off the Costa da Morte in Galician waters on January 14th. Wave heights reached more than six metres and wind speeds approached  140 mph. The ship was en route from Ceuta, Spanish North Africa, to Szczecin, Poland, when eight steel construction pontoons went overboard. These remained afloat and endangered local traffic. Two were collected by fishing vessels Caprichosa and Villa de Argote from Laxe and a third in Camariñas. On January 17th the other five, described as floating tanks of about nine and 12 metres in length, three metres width and two metres high, were also recovered. The Pemba was berthed in Vigo at the Muelle de Tranversal to secure the remaining cargo and investigate the damage. As of January 20th she remained stationary in the port of Vigo.

2008-built, Antigua & Barbuda-flagged, 6,478 gt Pemba is owned by Pemba E Strahlmann GmbH & Co care of manager Reederei Erwin Strahlmann GmbH & Co KG of Brunsbuettel, Germany.