Marine accident round-up : 20th August 2019

A fire broke out on oil products tanker Sea Voyager (IMO 9044073) (1992-built, Nigeria-flagged, 4,176 gt ) during the morning of August 15th when it was anchored off Lagos, Nigeria. The 11 Pakistani crew members were evacuated. Heavy smoke was billowing out of the superstructure and the bridge. Crew members were observed to be clinging on the leeward side in some boats. Nigerian navy vessel NNS Ekulu evacuated the sailors, giving them medications before transferring them to the NNS Beecroft jetty where they were handed over to the Fleet Commander Western Naval Command. The Regional Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre RMRCC at Kirikiri mobilized firefighters from other agencies of Government including the NPA to put out the fire. The firefighters quickly got the fire under control.

Eight mariners aboard 60ft Indonesian-flagged fishing vessel KM Aleluya were rescued by the US Coast Guard, Air Force and bulk carrier Isl Star (IMO 9207326) about 172 miles northwest of Palau, on Aug 13, 2019. The crew of the Aleluya had been adrift for 10 days without electricity, food, and water. News of their predicament reached the crew of the Japanese fishing vessel Kinsei Maru No.3, which rescued one mariner from a motorboat sent from the Aleluya to get help . The Kinsei Maru No.3 subsequently searched for the Aleluya but could not find her, and was forced to  depart due to worsening weather conditions. Sector Guam watchstanders issued a SafetyNet broadcast seeking the assistance of any mariners in the area and diverted the crews of Coast Guard Cutter Kiska  from Palau and a forward-deployed Air Station Barbers Point HC-130 Hercules from Pohnpei to search. Watchstanders also contacted the US Air Force for help, who deployed a B-52 Stratofortress aircrew from Guam. Guam watchstanders contacted the Isl Star, which agreed to assist in the search. Once the Hercules aircrew arrived on the scene, they quickly located the KM Aleluya and dropped supplies to the crew. They then coordinated with the Isl Star, who rescued the eight mariners without further incident. The Isl Star will disembark the Aleluya’s crew in Palau. The Kiska was en-route to the abandoned ship’s location to investigate the situation and consider options for the future of the vessel.

1999-built, Liberia-flagged, 38,835 gt Isl Star is owned and managed by International Shipping and Logistics of Dubai, UAE. ISM manager is Wallem Shipmanagement Ltd of Hong Kong. It is entered with London Club on behalf of International Shipping & Logistics.

Coast guard ship Corporal McLaren (IMO 9586083) will undergo expensive and lengthy repairs after it was sabotaged nine months ago. The patrol boat has been patched up and towed to Halifax, Nova Scotia, where it was now berthed at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography, waiting to be repaired. In November 2018 the ship was cut from its moorings at a dockyard in Sambro, Nova Scotia, where it was meant to be undergoing a month-long refit. The vessel slipped from its cradle, crashing into the ocean floor and coming to rest partially submerged in the icy water of Sambro Harbour. Power cables were torn from the vessel as it slid into the water. Multiple compartments on the vessel were filled with seawater, damaging computer equipment and rendering wiring useless. Officials were quick to determine the act was sabotage. Someone had taken a power tool — possibly an angle grinder — to the cables holding it in place. No arrests have yet been made. Preliminary estimates put a C$5m price tag on the required repairs.

2013-built, Canada-flagged, 253 gt Corporal McLaren MMV is owned and managed by the Canada government coast guard.

After a long lay-up, passenger ship Olympus (IMO 7432733) hit a rock off Santorini on August 1st during her first commercial sailing for  Seaspeed Ferries on the route Piraeus-Milos-Thira-Rethymnon. 400 metres of oil booms and absorbent pads were laid out around the ship at Thira. Early on August 2nd oil contaminants and slag were found inside the dam, and a second series of 160-metre floating barriers, absorbent towels and additional absorbent dams were installed. Inspectors from Piraeus found significant shortcomings and detained the ship. Divers found cracks and long breaches on the outer side of the double hull. On August 14th the ferry was taken in tow by two tugs, reaching Azolimnos near Ermoupolis on August 15th.

1976-built, Cyprus-flagged, 12,338 gt Olympus is owned and managed by Sea Speed Lines Shipping Co of Piraeus, Greece.

Bulk carrier Tanais Dream (IMO 9283899) suffered an engine failure during the transit of the Istanbul Strait at Kanlica point while en route from Iskenderun to Novorossiysk. Because the ship was drifting dangerously towards the shore a Coastal Safety tug provided assistance. The vessel was shifted to the Buyukdere anchorage, and the Harbour Master has opened an investigation file. The vessel was fined due to breach of strait safe passage regulation. 2003-built, Belize-flagged, 16,980 gt Tanais Dream is owned and ISM managed by Elocin Ltd of Valletta, Malta. Commercial manager is Tanais Shipping Ltd of the same address. It is entered with Skuld (business unit Skuld Oslo 1) on behalf of Tanais Shipping Ltd.